What are the Video Formats most used in WhatsApp? Which are Compatible?

In our days, communication by electronic means is very common, and for this many apps have been created, the most used worldwide, is WhatsApp. And one way to express what we feel through the messaging app is to send us videos, for which we seek that when sending it is of quality and of good resolution.

Of course, this sometimes represents a challenge, sometimes we must look for solutions in applications or what content we can send.

But sometimes we are not in a dilemma of how to do it, because we try to send it and it tells us that the video format we have is not supported and that generates frustration. But so that this does not happen to you, we bring you some suggestions on how to do it and what types of video formats are compatible.

How to send and receive a video, and what formats are supported

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By having time using the WhatsApp messaging app I’m sure we already know the usual way to do it, but let’s review it to refresh our memory. To send a video, we open the app and look for the contact we want to send to, click on the camera icon, make the recording and all that remains is to hit the send button so that the other person can enjoy it.

whastapp videos of different formats

We also have the simple way to do it, and if we already have the video on our mobile, we look for the camera icon that is on the right side of the text box of our mobile, we make a clip, it opens the gallery, we look for the video of our preference, we choose it and we send it, that way we will share a moment of joy. But if we want to send the video from a social network such as Facebook, it is very easy.

But before doing so, a question arises as to what type of format is compatible with our WhatsApp messaging app, here are some formats: MP4, AVI, 3GP, MKV.

It is also good to take into account the duration of the video, should not be more than three minutes and with a size of 16MB. Another thing to take into account are both the audio and video codecs, for audio codecs they are recommended: ACC or AC3, for video codecs: H.264 or MPEG-4.

One last recommendation, to send videos by WhatsApp it is better to use the mp4 format since this is more accessible and it is to which we can convert all those videos that are not compatible. In the next section I will tell you which apps are good for compressing videos and that they do not lose so much quality when sending.

Convert and compress videos to make it compatible for WhatsApp

Sometimes we want to send videos that are very heavy and we want to do it because we like their content and we want someone we love to enjoy it too.

whatsapp videos can be compressed to send

For this it is very important count a simple and easy to use converterIf we do not have any on our mobile device, we could search for it in the Play Store, it is recommended that this app is updated, or we can go to the Google search engine to find the most suitable one, at this point of converting videos to make them compatible there are always different options that we can use.

So far we have talked about sending videos, but what to do when you are the one you receive a compressed video, the most important thing is to find some way to unzip it.

When we use the WhatsApp web, they tell us that we can send video of any size, but don’t believe in mythsEverything explained here is also usable in this option that we download to the computer.

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