What are they and what types of P2P networks exist? – Advantages and disadvantages

Have you ever wondered what are and what types of P2P networks exist? – Advantages and disadvantages then we invite you to read the following article carefully, since we will talk about it.

The P2P networks they give a lot to talk about, they certainly have very interesting uses and many others that could be very debatable if you want to learn more about these networks in a very easy and concise way, read the following information.

What is a P2P network?

First of all, you should know that when we talk about the P2P network we refer specifically to the Peer to Peer connections, which could be translated as peer-to-peer connections.

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We could say that the establishment of a P2P network directly involves the people who are connected, who are usually called clients. The relationship between a client and the central servers is very close, and it is through them (the clients) that the information is sent and received.

It is a very interesting network, in which the client intervenes by providing bandwidth for the transmission of the files. In the same way, the client will be able to receive those files that he downloads precisely thanks to the connection of the rest of the clients of the platform.

This type of network has many uses, in any case it is mainly known for the file transfer through so-called torrent. The latter generate great debate in relation to this type of connection, as we will comment below.

A clear example of a program that works with this uTorrent network. For this reason, if you want to download uTorrent in the latest version, you can use the link provided before.

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What are they and what types of P2P networks exist? – Advantages and disadvantages

P2P networks work very differently from how mobile networks work. This type of network makes different users interact directly sending and receiving packages, being they who maintain the network and data transmission. In any case, there are a few variations in relation to this type of network.

The core network or centralized network

In this type of network we have a main server, which is the one that manages the connections of all the clients. They are a type of network that was very common, in any case, as a great disadvantage it is fair to point out that the server is essential for the operation of the entire network.

Decentralized network (structure)

In this type of network we do not have a centralized server as in the previous example, on the contrary, they are various computers involved in structuring the network. This has the advantage that the stability of the network does not rest solely with one client.

These are the types of P2P networks, but there are many others for different functions. If you want to learn what are and what are the types of computer networks, remember that we have multiple guides designed for this purpose.

Decentralized network (unstructured)

Perhaps the most interesting type of network, in this there is not a single computer or several computers (or clients) that intervene like those that control the network. In this type of network, all clients do the work of servers and users at the same time that share the data.

Advantages and disadvantages of P2P networks

P2P networks are certainly very interesting, but you should keep in mind that while there are many positives, there are also some negatives. For this reason we will comment on some of the advantages and disadvantages of this type of network.

Easy environment for sharing

Undoubtedly, the main advantage of this way of sharing files is that it can be done relatively simple mode. In most cases you only need to download one program and you will be able to access multiple files.

Types of networks


Access to file download servers or cloud storage is not necessary, here all part of the users, who are at the same time servers and clients within the platform.


What is possibly the biggest disadvantage of this type of system is that it is well known that it is the ideal space to share pirated content. This is not absolute, especially if it is one of the spaces where it can be shared more easily. illicit material.


It is not a completely stable space, since if the clients stop accessing the files on the network, these they cannot be downloaded by other users.

Keep in mind that these types of networks are specifically designed to share files over the Internet between very distant computers. On the other hand, if you want to do it locally, it is best to share files on the Windows 10 Network, a functional method to transfer files from one computer to another on your home network.

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