What are they, what are cookies for and how do they work on web pages?

When browsing the Internet, it is common to see notices on web pages where they inform you «this web page uses cookies»; But many users sometimes click on accept without knowing what cookies are and what they are for. Remember that it is important to know that you are accepting on the internet. Therefore, this tutorial we will explain What are they, what are cookies for and how do they work on web pages?

What are cookies?

Cookies or computer cookie: they are harmless data files (they are not codes or programs) created by a website, with the aim of storing some browsing data of users when they use the internet.

So when a web page tells you that it uses cookies and you click accept, it will be able to collect some data from your browser to offer you personalized navigation.

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Cookies were created in 1994 by the programmer Lou Montulli who worked at the Netscape company, the objective of these first cookies was to keep the virtual shopping cart full; then from that moment on, cookies are widely used in most web pages.

We must clarify that the cookiess they will never delete information from your smartphone, tablet or PC, or steal confidential information because they they are not viruses; nor will they store bank details, photos, passwords, emails or credit cards.

You can configure your browser to remove the cookie notice from web pages or you can delete them after a certain time; but you must keep in mind that many web pages do not function properly without cookies.

What are cookies for?

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  • The servers use cookies to study the search habits of users and thus customize your navigation offering you content that is tailored to your search preferences, they also help you remember your details when you log in. However, it is advisable to clear your cookie history frequently, especially if you use Google Chrome.
  • Helps to perform faster searches and effective.
  • When you enter a portal and fill out a form, cookies will help you remember the information when you return to that page.
  • They are important in virtual stores because cookies help to save products in shopping carts.
  • Cookies are a great resource for the marketing because it helps to attract new customers, study their interests, allow you to display ads on other websites and you can track what type of users visit your page.

Most common types of cookies

  • Temporary: these are cookies that are only used while the user visits a certain web page, once they leave that page or close the browser, the cookies are eliminated.
  • Permanent: these save information about users’ web habits for a set time or until the user removes them from their browser.
  • Origin: These are created by the visited website itself.
  • Third parties: They are cookies created by other websites which use cookies in advertisements or images to observe user behavior and thus make appropriate advertising or offers to users; this type of cookie is widely used by Google Chrome.

How do Cookies work on web pages?

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The whole process begins when a user visits a website for the first time and accepts the terms and conditions of cookies; then said page send the information to the browser which creates a text file that is saved on the PC’s hard drive.

When the user accesses that page again, the browser will search for that file or the cookies that you created the first time and will send the information immediately to the server of that website; then you will no longer have the need to fill in forms again, because the data you entered the first time will be remembered.

A perfect example where l are usedCookies are often when you search for a particular item in a virtual storeWhen you enter that store again, you will see outstanding offers for the item you searched for on your previous visit.

Many users are suspicious of cookies because they think their privacy is at risk. In fact, several users usually clean the cookies of a specific web page, but actually cookies are not a danger, rather they make your browsing experience better and help you find things of interest that browsing without them would be difficult to find.

Even other users try to delete cookies from time to time because they can slow down your browser, which is mostly the case in Google Chrome. In this case, that will not be enough, since it is also necessary to delete the Chrome browsing history.

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