What are they, what are they for and what are the differences between CCO and CC?

Emails are a fundamental part for many people. One of its fundamental elements are the sections CC and Bcc. These fields are visible on all email sending platforms and allow each user the ability to add recipients to said message.

These will be visible or not visible, but totally safe within the platform. The difference between the two lies in the possibility of adding or not new recipients, within the same message.

If we speak specifically of the CC section, both the person who receives the message and the one who sends it, has the possibility of knowing who has been included in the mail. This is because all the addresses that have been copied are in one way or another visible to both of them.

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On the other hand, the Bcc header, It is visible in such a way that only the main recipient can know it. This will make it impossible for you to know if there are more people added directly to the email.

In short, those recipients that are secondary or also called «hidden«, they will not be able to have any type of access to said list of email addresses.

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What is the meaning of CC?

CC corresponds to an acronym which means «Carbon copy». It refers to the time when it was necessary to use carbon paper under each document, in order to create a copy of the documents that are being made at the time.

In this case, these acronyms imply «copy» or likewise, being able to add some type of secondary recipient within the message that is about to be sent. It is for that reason that this option belongs to a box apart from the one that is usually dedicated as a main recipient.

What is the correct way to use CC within an email?

CC can be used, generally for all recipients, that includes the main recipient. In this way, all the recipients of the message will have complete knowledge of who has been included in the message.

However, this does not mean that secondary recipients necessarily require a reply. Therefore, this option is geared to be more of a option informative than anything else.

What is the meaning of CCO?

CCO is like with CC, it consists of a special acronym, which seeks to define what is the «Hidden Carbon Copy». This tool is usually just below the CC field. This is a section that we can find and recognize in current email services.

The idea of ​​its design is designed in such a way that new recipients can be added to your email, either in Hotmail or in Gmail email, but that they are invisible to other recipients, in this case, to the main recipient.

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What is the correct way to use BCC within an email?

As mentioned above, this field is used in such a way that the main recipient has no knowledge of the other emails to which this message has been sent.

When using this option, what you are looking for is not only protect the identity of others users, but also helps to avoid the chain that are created unnecessarily, as part of emails with internal responses.

When making use of the CC and CCO, in general its nature is personal or even at an organizational level with various companies, since it is by and for them that this tool has been created. Its correct use is essential when it comes to being able to carry out correct communication within digital channels.

In addition to the above mentioned, it helps to prevent misunderstandings and emails full of unnecessary information. Likewise, this is an excellent way with which you can save the digital security of all your contacts.

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