What are they, what are they for and what are the differences between IMAP and POP3?

Today technology helps us to have information in our mail quickly and in real time, as sometimes we have more than one electronic device, we need an email manager. There are well-known email platforms such as Gmail, where you can create a Google and Email account on your Android.

That is why we need tools that allow us to access them. This is called: Protocols, with these we can see and store emails on our different computers.

There are two of them that are the most used for this purpose, the names of these are: IMAP and POP3In reality, these protocols support the vast majority of email platforms. If you are looking to open an account in Gmail from here you can do it.

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Let’s get to know What are they, what are they for, what is the difference between the two protocols? We started with POP3.

What is POP3?

This is responsible for managing the emails that are stored on a server, and then go to the local computer, this has the name of POP. Its acronym in English is Post office Protocol that translated is post office protocol, its main function is to save until the emails are read.

What is POP3 for?

One of its objectives is to have all your emails on your local computer, what it does is to receive the information on its server immediately and transfer it to your computer. You can check your messages in a deviceIt also does not require an internet connection to access.

Sure if you have several paired devices The messages will be displayed the first time you access the email, if it enters another computer later, you will no longer see them on it.

What is IMAP?

It is a protocol to take care of emails, the meaning in Spanish is translated as Internet message access protocol. You can access it from any of the devices with an Internet connection.

What is IMAP for?

The emails that come to you are saved in the server, then you can see them on one of your devices. This is achieved because all the computers are synchronized with the server in order to access the information stored in your email account.

For all this, the changes you make to one device will be reflected in the other devices. immediate form. You see the messages without downloading them, you have to have an Internet connection. If you want to know more about this topic, click on this link that explains in detail What is it, what is it for and how does the IMAP protocol work in emails?

What are the differences between IMAP and POP3?

Vector IMAP and POP3 gray background

Now we are going to differentiate between these two mail management protocols, also what would be the advantages of both to be able to decide which one to use.

We can mention that POP3 You can have access to the emails after you download them without having access to the internet, as for IMAP to be able to enter to see your messages as they are stored on the server you need an internet connection to be able to see your emails.

In the case of IMAP All emails are stored on the server, this allows you to see them whenever you want, in POP3 emails are downloaded from the server to your computer, and if something happens to the device or to the email account, all information will be lost.

The messages received in POP3 cannot be seen on different computers that are in your account, on the contrary, in IMAP the emails you receive can be seen in any of them and you can even make changes to them which will be reflected immediately.

Also in IMAP emails are stored on the server and they do not take up space on any of the devices, unlike POP3 when you open the message, it downloads it to your computer and thus you use more of their storage. Everything created in IMAP cannot be read in POP3.

We have seen what each of these email managers is for, also the difference between them, now to get more information related to emails you can get this article that will teach you how to create a temporary EMAIL – Disposable emails in 10 minutes.

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