What Can I Do When Photoshop’s Cropping Tool Locks Up? (Example)

You are creating a design in Photoshop, and you find that the trim tool has stuckHow to solve this problem to continue with your design? Well, in this practical guide, we will explain how to get the solution to this failure, and the steps you must take.

In addition, in this guide we will also help you fix the faults that usually occur, not just with the cropping tool, but with other Photoshop tools.

What to do in case the Photoshop Snipping Tool gets stuck?

You are working with the Photoshop design program, and unexpectedly the cropping tool locks up or cuts out a small gray box, what should you do in that case? Well the solution is not very complicated, you will only have to reset tool settings of the Photoshop program, to solve the problem.

Photoshop version CS6 and earlier

In order to troubleshoot the snipping tool or any other that you want to use, such as the magic wand tool in Adobe Illustrator, follow these steps:

  • For Windows, select the right mouse button; for macOS, press the “Control” key.

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  • Select the “Tool Settings Selector”, which you will get in the tool options bar.
  • Press, “Restore the active tool”Or if the failure is general,“ Restore all tools ”.

Reset the cropping tool in Photoshop among others to fix the snags

With this option you you will be able to reset any other work tool, when you get unexpected results when working with Photoshop CS6 or other earlier versions.

  • Fix the display of the pointer size, in the Mac system, entering “System preferences”⇾“ Accessibility ”⇾“ Display Settings ”.
  1. Brush with the wrong size: If when using it, your painting is smaller than the size of the pointer that appears on the screen, make sure of the size you have chosen. This can be done in “System Preferences” ⇾ “Accessibility” ⇾ “Display Settings”.
  2. Crosshair pointer: If your pointer has this shape, instead of the normal or other tool shape, try disabling the “Caps Lock” key.
  1. If you notice that some tools are missing, which can be useful and part of your color palette in Photoshop, reset them. Click “Edit” ⇾ “Toolbar” ⇾ “Restore defaults”.
  2. After you have reset the tools, you can customize your color palette and toolbar.
  1. Select the shortcut CTRL + F, to enter or locate the “Finder” dialog window.
  2. Write the tool you need, either the “cutout” or “outline” tool and select it.
  3. Photoshop will automatically activate the tool of “clipping” or to “outline” and highlights it in the interface.

Fix Photoshop Legal License Permission

You have taken all the steps mentioned above, to reset snipping tool or any other and this does not work. In this case, the fault you are presenting may be due to the user permissions provided by the Photoshop program. Then you should know what is needed so that you can legally use the Photoshop license on several computers and continue to enjoy its benefits.

  • Create an account with administrator privileges and thus be able to identify possible permit issues.
  • This step should be done whether you work with Windows or macOS.
  • Log in with your username and open Photoshop to see if the issue is fixed.

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Once these steps are taken, you you will be able to reset the toolbar Photoshop program, including the Snipping Tool. We hope that this tutorial will be very useful and can help you to fix problems with Photoshop, even learn to use other tools in this application.

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