What Can You Do With the FaceApp App Apart from Getting Old and Changing Your Sex?

Technological advances do not stop surprising us, for many years technology has grown by leaps and bounds. One of the most practical ways in which technology is used today is mobile devices.

We can interact openly with the world around us, thanks to the internet and its incredible functionality. Similarly, another of the intensive uses that is given to mobile devices is for run applications.

The applications help us to carry out any type of task in the most practical way possible. From the official stores of each operating system, we can download all kinds of applications.

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On the other hand, there are some Apps that have been designed exclusively for image editing and photographs. One of them being FaceApp. Which stands out for offering an excellent editing service and also in a short time achieved a high level of success.

What is FaceApp and what is it about?

One of the ways mobile app design has been approached is for fun purposes. Among those that stand out the most as games, entertainment, joke applications and even image editing applications.

In this last category, it has a wide range of applications that offer their editing services. They exist from professional editing applications, to simple editing applications, just for fun.

Lately one of the most popular is the FaceApp application, Created by the Russian company Wireless Lab. Since its launch in 2017, the success of this application has been overwhelming.

This program uses a very simple interface, which allows us to interact with each of its functions, in the most practical way possible. Thanks to its functionality with artificial intelligence, is capable of creating highly realistic image editing jobs.

Likewise, it bases its operation on the editing of faces, where just by tapping it makes the alterations automatically. It is one of the most famous, for the great image quality that he offers, in every job he does.

This app is fully available free for devices with iOS and Android operating systems, which we can download from their official stores. FaceApp is an application that offers various editing options.

Among those that stand out the most, sex change edit, where we can take a photo and with a single touch see how we would be if we were of the opposite sex. Another of the most used is the option to grow old, where we can appreciate how we would be if we were elderly.

Messi Faceapp

Here, is where the question arises, is FaceApp only used to do these two editing jobs or can we do others? Due to this, in this article, we will learn what other functions or editing jobs we can do with FaceApp.

What other functions can I perform with FaceApp?

As well as, FaceApp offers the functions of changing sex and aging, it offers other functions, just as efficient and fun. Among those that stand out the most is the function of get young.

This is a very useful function, especially if we want to see ourselves with a few years younger. The FaceApp application performs an edit automatically and shows us what our face would look like if we were a little younger.

Thanks to the artificial intelligence of this application, these jobs can be carried out with the highest possible quality. As well as, this function there is another that stands out, this function consists of taking a photo with a serious face, without expressions and the application automatically places a beautiful one on us smile in the face.

Just with a tap on the option «Smile», FaceApp will automatically do the editing work. The quality with which this application makes the assembly is impressive, with the clearest possible way-, in the same way, there are other functions, such as makeup, hair color and cut, among other.

Faceapp Scarlet

Another option that we can do with this application is that we can share our creations on the main social networks. Like Facebook and Instagram, among other platforms.

FaceApp also gives us the option of being able to download the photo with the editing work on our device, just by selecting the option to «Download» we will have it.

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