What Cell Phones are Compatible with Fortnite? What do I do if my Mobile is not Compatible?

Following the popularity of Fortnite, it is now possible to download it on Android and iOS. However, these mobiles must allow optimal execution of the application. If you ask yourselfWhat cell phones are compatible with Fortnite? What do I do if my mobile is not compatible?Pay attention to this interesting article that offers you an effective answer.

Compatibility and mobile devices

The compatibility of an application is one of the factors that could guarantee the good performance of the mobile device. In some cases, developers stipulate a set of requirements that users should know before downloading an App.

Here is a list that includes some compatible cell phones with Fortnite and what you should do if your mobile is not compatible.

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What cell phones are compatible with Fortnite? What do I do if my mobile is not compatible?

According to the company “Epic Games” for a device to be compatible with Fortnite it needs some characteristics or specs individuals. Please check if your mobile phone meets the following requirements before downloading and installing the Fortnite game.

Compatibility requirements

First of all, it is convenient to verify the operating system of your cell phone. Fortnite can run on 64-bit Android from version 8. In addition, the RAM What is required to “run” the game without problems must be at least 4Gb and an ARM64 processor.

According to the GPU, a Mali-G72 MP12 (or higher), Adreno 530 (or higher) or Mali-G71 MP20 is recommended. Therefore, any updated phone and with certain graphical configurations will be able to run Fortnite without problems. The performance of the application will also depend largely on the range of the cell phone. Likewise, it is recommended that you know how much Fortnite weighs before downloading it to your device.

Cell phones compatible with Fortnite

When the developer “Epic Games” officially offered the Fortnite game through the Apple store, the number of downloads was very high. The same was expected to happen with the Google store, but some disagreements led Epic to another path. For this reason, Android users should turn to the official epicgames site.

The Fortnite game cannot be downloaded on all mobile devices. Next, we show you a list of supported devices with Fortnite according to the platform and its level of popularity.

Compatible Fortnite phones

Android phones compatible with Fortnite

The cell phone list Android compatible with the game Fortnite is quite wide. Some devices stand out: Motorola Moto E4 Plus, Nokia 6, Sony Xperia XZ, Huawei P8 Lite, Huawei P9 Lite, Huawei P10 Lite and Plus, LG V30, LG G6, Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime and Samsung Galaxy S8.

The list extends to many more compatible cell phones than you can see on the Epic Games official site. You can access it to verify if your mobile is compatible with the Fortnite application or not.

IOS phones compatible with Fortnite

Between mobile devices under the platform IOS Compatible with Fortnite are the iPhone X, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 7S, and iPhone 8S, as well as the iPad mini 4 and iPad pro.

What do I do if my mobile is not compatible?

If your mobile does not meet the minimum requirements To run Fortnite, unfortunately you will not be able to install this game on your device. The official website of Epic Games has a compatibility check system that is responsible for informing users if they can download the game on their mobiles or not. In this case, you can download the game on your PC and make Fortnite run smoothly and lag-free.

It is important to mention that downloading the application from unofficial websites could cause damage to your device or generate additional problems of any kind because you will not have security guarantees from pages other than Epic Games.

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