What Channel List Does Amazon Prime Video Channels Include? – Are there HBO Channels?

Amazon is no longer just the online store that everyone knew, now it has spread much further, becoming one of the main competitors of a company like Google in all fields. For this reason, everyone wants to know what their services offer, and with that in mind today you will see which channels Amazon Prime Video Channels includes.

One of the best things that Amazon brought to the world is its subscription platform, since it has many original series and movies that are of high quality, which added to the already named Channels or channels your movie nights will make a visual delight, Due to this, a guide had to be made so that you could find out more.

What channels does Amazon Prime Video Channels include?

To get this guide off to a good start and quickly learn which channels Amazon Prime Video Channels includes, the first thing you should know is that Prime video Channels don’t come for free on the Amazon Prime platform.

This is so because the company serves more as a content aggregator for these types of channels (they are not really the owners), so the cost of the same is additional and is paid monthly.

Each channel has its own price, and you don’t have to pay all of them if you don’t want to, you can add only the ones you want to watch during the month or year that your Amazon Prime video subscription lasts.

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Now, the available channels are: Starzplay with a value of 5 euros, MGM for 4 euros, Noggin for also 4 euros, Mubi for 10 euros, Mezzo for 3 euros, TV shorts for another 4 euros, OUTtv and Quello Concerts for 5 euros, and last but not least HBO with a monthly cost of 7 euros.

The operation of the channels is very simple, you only have to pay the price they cost (within the same platform) and the channel with all its content will be added to Amazon Prime, allowing you to view it on any device compatible with said app, such as its application. official mobile phone, a video game console, or a smart TV.

The best of all is that the content that is coming out for those channels will be updated in the same way in Amazon Prive video, so you will always be updated with your favorite series and movies from these providers (like HBO).

What else can you do on Amazon Prime Video?

With the above, you already know which channels Amazon Prime Video Channels includes, and also the question of whether it brings HBO or not was answered, so to finish with this topic and that you can move on to others such as: What movies and series can I see on Amazon Prime ?, will be shown to you other things you can do on the platform.

Now, one of the main things you can do is rent movies on Amazon Prime Video. This process is the same that you use to rent a movie on DIRECTV or Movistar, you just have to choose your favorite title and pay the cost to get it for a certain time.

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Another function is let you download your favorite series and movies. This platform, unlike others, gives you the possibility of downloading the content within it, so that later you can view it offline without having to connect, which is convenient if you do not have a fixed internet network at home.

And voila, with that not only did it become clear to you which channels Amazon Prime Video Channels includes, but you also learned some of its main functions, so in part you can consider yourself an expert in this streaming platform.

If you were hungry for more knowledge, then look for another tutorial to complement your information, such as: What is and how does Amazon Prime Video Channels work?

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