What Creative Marketing Ideas and Strategies to Apply for a Daycare Center?

You are thinking of opening a nursery school, but you do not know how to carry out marketing strategies to be successful. Do not worry, this post will tell you what creative marketing ideas and strategies you can apply in a nursery; These tools, although simple, can help you make a difference from other nurseries.

What do you need to set up a nursery?

Licenses and permits: Before opening a nursery, you must register it with the corresponding authorities of the country and request the license that accredits you to work legally.

Studies: You don’t need a college degree to open a daycare, but some parents look for daycare centers that have qualified personnel because they feel more secure knowing that their children are in the care of competent people.

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Space: You must find a house or premises with adequate space for children to be comfortable; That is why the place must have space to eat, sleep and play, it must also have bathrooms and an office.

Search staff: When hiring staff to help you take care of children, you should look for qualified people who have first aid training and who are able to deal with empathy, love and respect both children and parents. It is important that the staff you hire do not have a criminal record and if they have worked in other daycare centers, ask for references.

Essential items: Before promoting the nursery, you must equip the space with items that are appropriate for the age of the children, for example, you must purchase books, mats, cribs, playpens, toys, bathtubs and toiletries, kitchen utensils.

children playing in the play area nursery school

You must also have paper, payment, educational games and art materials; it is important that these items are safe and in good condition. You can buy some items from apps that sell good second-hand items like Vinted or Wallapop.

Create a contract: It is advisable to create a contract for parents to sign, in it you must specify the monthly payment, nursery rules, schedules and fines that may arise due to delays.

Creative marketing strategies to apply in a nursery

After completing the relevant paperwork and purchasing the necessary items, you should begin to develop a marketing strategy plan to market the nursery and start attracting customers. These are some ideas that you can implement in your nursery:

Location: Choose a venue with a location that is accessible, visible, and easy to find; if it is close to companies, shops and premises, it will allow you to increase the number of children because many parents look for nurseries near their workplace.

Decor: The façade of the nursery must be striking, colorful and must contain a logo that identifies the premises as a nursery; also the place both inside and outside must be neat, clean and well decorated because parents want to have their children in well-kept spaces that convey warmth and familiarity.

Advertising: Word of mouth is a great tool for raising awareness about the nursery, but you can also put up posters or hand out flyers near schools, parks, or business buildings. Another effective and widely used tool today are social networks, in them you can make free advertising and reach more people.

babies playing with a bear in nursery

Create a web page: Many parents search the internet for the closest nursery to their workplace, so a web page will allow you to show them your location, contact numbers and will allow you to upload photos to show them what the nursery’s structure is like so they can see What is it a safe and comfortable place for your children. You can also write tips on your website for parenting and childcare.

Hold events: If your budget allows it, carry out activities that involve parents; also conducts workshops on education, parenting, nutrition, child psychology, social skills, among others.

Taking care of children is a delicate field so choose qualified personnel, choose a adequate space and do not forget to protect the safety and integrity of each child while in the care of your nursery. Excellent care and attention will guarantee happy parents, as well as success and growth in your nursery.

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