What do I need to open, create or have a Bansefi Account? – Requirements

If you want to create a bank account, you should consider Bansefi banking institution. In this tutorial we will seek to solve the questions What do I need to open, create or have a Bansefi account? – Requirements and that in this way you can know all the points that you must consider for integration within this entity.

What is Bansefi?

Bansefi refers to National Savings and Financial Services Bank, SNC, an institution created in 2001 and of a banking nature. It is one of the most important banking institutions in the Mexican nation, offering solutions for the economy of the average citizen.

As a fundamental principle it seeks encourage savings among citizens, offering multiple solutions related to this fundamental principle. The institution is characterized by offering solutions for all types of users.

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Are you wondering what are the necessary requirements to have an account with a customer number in Bansefi and make payments with that account? then we recommend you read the following guide in which we will talk about what you should know in relation to this institution.

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What do I need to open, create or have a Bansefi account? – Requirements

Opening an account with Bansefi is a fairly simple process and is one of the institution’s most outstanding points, since they do not put as many obstacles as others from the competition. Without further ado, read the following information for the requirements for creating a bank account with Bansefi:

  1. The procedure to create or have an account within Bansefi, requires first of all to be directed to an official headquarters of the bank. Fortunately, the company has more than 2000 branches throughout the Mexican nation.
  2. It is essential to go to the fully identified branch, carrying the original document of your ID, in the same way it is essential that you carry a copy, since the entity requires this as a primary requirement.
  3. In turn, you must provide all data related to your person, such as profession, verifiable income, proof of residence (that does not exceed three months) and other factors related to its legality.
  4. In turn, it is necessary to be completely clear about the designation of the beneficiaries, an essential aspect in any banking institution, including Bansefi.
  5. In the same way, it is very important that you carry the necessary cash to open your account, since it is necessary to make a first deposit. Saying deposit will be $ 30 Mexican in the case of savings accounts and $ 50 Mexican in the Tandahorro modality. Later, you can check the balance of your Bansefi card online or through your cell phone.

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What type of account can be opened with Bansefi?

The banking entity Bansefi seeks to adapt to the needs of users, for which it offers various options for each of them. It even has a very practical website where you can easily check the balance of the Bansefi card. The following are the modalities present within banking.

  • Savings account: represents the basic option provided by the bank, specifically refers to a savings account in which you can deposit your money without major inconvenience.
  • Tandasaver: represents a fixed-term savings, and is associated with the Savings Account, becoming a great option for those who want to manage their expenses.
  • Children’s savings account: it refers specifically to a savings plan designed for the smallest members of the household. It stands out for its minimum opening and deposit amounts, an ideal option to encourage savings in children.

It should be noted that the entity became the so-called Wellbeing Bank in the middle of the year 2019, in any case, its operation is still relatively similar to what it was seen when it had the Bansefi name.

For this reason, if you do not find information related to Bansefi, you can search for them directly as the Banco del Bienestar. It should be noted that the information provided above is just as valid for this institution as it is for the former Bansefi, in any case, we recommend that you contact the entity directly if you have any questions.

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