What do I need to sign up for Amazon Flex as a Delivery Person or Worker?

Amazon Inc. is an American company that was created in 1994 with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, whose purpose is to market equipment electronic as well as computer services on the cloud; offering specific items for each country. But, many are wondering, what do I need to sign up for Amazon Flex as a delivery person or worker? meet him here

The market of this company is captured through spaces that it rents in its store where these products are placed, earning a small commission for the sale of the same; For the year 2014 pulled the Prime Now service available to Prime members in order to deliver the products in a short time.

To this day, it is a service spread in a good part of the globe in addition to the United States, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, India, Japan, Spain, among others; but thanks to his surprising growth, Amazon Flex was born.

This is a great opportunity for those people who can work, delivering the Amazon Prime Now product bundles; Which allows you to choose the hours of work per day and earn additional income by being your own boss with a salary that will depend on the schedule you have planned, of course everyone has different opinions about Amazon Flex.


What important aspects should you take into account if you want to work at Amazon Flex Spain?

The minimum that is allowed is 2 delivery blocks and the salary is € 28 for each block of 2 hours worked; the payment is on Tuesday or Friday based on what you accumulate in that week; Another important aspect is that you must manage the operation of your platform very well, since it is its strongest point.

To pick up the packages, It is done based on your schedule of hours unoccupied or available, which must always be updated and you will receive deliveries according to the dates you have established, or check on the Amazon Flex page, if there are blocks available for the day.

What are the requirements that you must meet in Amazon Flex?

having the registration of freelancers is important to not continue as distributed amazon flex

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There are several among them we have:

First of all, you must be 21 years or older, have your own car, have a driver’s license that is current and an Android device, so that they can notify you of the delivery addresses of the packages, the requirements to work in the franchise are quite accessible.

What’s more, you must not have a criminal record and obtain the registration as a self-employed person to be able to carry out the invoices; of course, have free hours to fulfill the requested job.

What do I need to sign up for Amazon Flex as a delivery person or worker?

the work of distributed as an independent economic activity in amazon flex without having a labor contract

Previously we answered the question that many people ask themselves: What do I need to sign up for Amazon Flex as a package delivery man? Or rather, the necessary requirements; However, among them it is observed also have the registration of self-employed, required to work at Amazon Flex.

A self-employed person in Spain is one who performs independent economic activity without having a labor contract. To do this, you must own and have leased an establishment; or any other concept such as providing service to a company that is not owned by you.

Therefore, you must first contact the Amazon Flex company and start the procedures as a worker and then once the application has started, proceed to register in the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers or (RETA); looking for the necessary advice.

To clarify the uncertainty about the incentives they offer to cover the monthly payment that is paid to Social Security for becoming self-employed. For this there is online orientation at https://tugesto.com/contacto/ for free; thus arriving, all the necessary information for registering as a self-employed worker.

With the guidance of lawyers and advisers of a lot of experience on points of support to the Entrepreneur; the bonuses / reductions, and flat rate that reduces the payment in the first year for the new self-employed, among others; of course, the required documents.

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Finally, it can be concluded that the Amazon Flex company; offers a great job opportunity for those people who have a few free hours a day and want to earn extra money. TOothers are your boss with flexible hours; giving you the option to perhaps carry out another type of different activity and thus be able to complement the monthly income so necessary these days.

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