What do you need to be a professional gamer?

Do you want to be a professional gamer? Do you like to play video games but do you think you can become a key player in a professional team? If this is your wish, we already told you that the race is going to be hard, do not think that this is achieved overnight or in a «simple» way. You’re going to need a lot more than just be good at playing video games with your friends online. You will need discipline, knowing how to play as a team and also material to be a good gamer.

Requirements to be a gamer

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Discipline and teamwork will be something that you will gain over time, we want to talk to you about the material you need to be a good gamer, of those essential things if you want to dedicate yourself to this seriously. Let’s go with it, because surely you already sense where the shots are going.

What do you need to have to be a professional gamer?

There are several essential things and some extras, we will make two different lists so you can choose.

Essential material to be a good gamer

gaming laptop

  • A gaming laptop: Why do we recommend opting for gaming laptops and not a tower? Well, because you probably want to save something and nowadays laptops have graphics as powerful as PC ones. This allows you to buy the keyboard, the screen and the computer at a stroke. In addition, you can take it everywhere and even to local competitions if they require their own device. A line of laptops that we really like are the Acer Predator that come out in SoloLoMejor.
  • a quality chair: the chair is another of those accessories that cannot be missing in your home if you do not want to have back pain that lasts for days on end. A good position will not only allow you to gain more field of vision, but it will also allow you to enjoy much longer game sessions without pain and with fewer visits to the physical therapist.
  • A special headset for gamers: to listen to your enemies, and understand everything that is happening even without seeing the screen, gaming headphones are going to be your best ally. There are really good and expensive ones like the Astro line (for example) but if you want to start with something good, we love the Razer Kraken.
  • mat: there are all kinds of mats (rigid, neoprene, etc.) Try the different materials and get one that you like the most.
  • gaming mouse: also don’t forget to buy a good mouse with precision, extra macro settings (depending on the game), enough DPI, etc.

Gaming Headphones

  • powerful desktop pc: If you want to make the leap to more power, you will need a gaming tower that you can improve and customize as you go. It is true that today’s gaming laptops can give you everything you need to play any game, but having a tower gives you more flexibility, more possibilities and a lot of customization. It is something that almost all gamers have today, since few professionals really play on console (compared to those who do on PC).
  • gaming monitor: If you opt for a tower, over time, it will be really interesting to buy a gaming monitor with a high number of Hz, such as 144 Hz. This, as you will understand, will allow you to suffer less lag (delay) when watching the game and It will allow you to react much sooner than on a conventional 30 or 60fps monitor. In addition, these monitors will require very powerful graphics, which is why we recommend it if you make the leap to a desktop PC.
  • gaming keyboard: as a mouse it is something that you need yes or yes, to add to the gaming pc experience you have a lot of mechanical keyboards that will allow you to make precise keystrokes. As for keyboards, we have a recommendation: stick with the one you like best. It is useless to have a high-quality mechanical one if you do not feel comfortable with it later.
  • gaming glasses: gaming glasses can help you reduce blue light and visual fatigue that accumulates over the hours on the computer or playing games. They are a accessory that has become fashionable and the truth is that they work quite well.
  • gaming table: your entire set-up can be easily assembled on a conventional table but gamer tables are more comfortable, offer greater dissipation, accessories for a better distribution of your things and a much more immersive appearance than conventional tables.

All this material will help you to be much more competitive. Do you already have something at home or do you have to carve out your gaming future from scratch?


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