What does Glovo mean and why is it written with V? – The Glovo Story

Surely, you would like to know which is the best App to order food at home. In this sense, Glovo has great popularity in Spain, several Latin American countries and other continents. If you wonder What does Glovo mean and why is it written with V? – The history of GlovoRead the following article where we will talk about it.

What does Glovo mean and why is it written with V? – The history of Glovo

Have you ever wondered what Glovo is, what does it offer and how does it work? Glovo is a whole story of entrepreneurship, in fact, it is one of the modern companies with greater reach of SpainFurthermore, its expansion is expected to be even greater in the coming years. Read carefully the following information where you will learn a little about Glovo’s history and what makes it so relevant.

Why is Glovo written with V

Brief history of Glovo’s beginnings

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Glovo was born as the idea of Oscar pierre, was founded in 2014, with Pierre himself as administrator together with Marta Ripoll de Damborenea and later Sasha Michaud would join. It was born with the purpose of providing a service in which it was possible to order multiple items and receive them in a matter of minutes.

The company began very humbly, initially with only 9 workers, offering services in Barcelona, ​​the city where the company was founded. In any case, over time the company would gradually grow to become one of the most important of its kind in Spain.

As we pointed out before, the company has a rather humble beginning, based on the idea of ​​a young man from Barcelona with an entrepreneurial mindset. In any case, a few months later, Sasha Michaud, an investor, became interested in Pierre’s proposal, which is why he decided to carry out a investment of about € 120,000.

Thanks to the investment provided by Michaud, Glovo App was finally founded, a platform that would greatly help the growth of the company, finally creating Glovo as we know it, an event that occurred in March 2015.

The reason for its name

There is no statement regarding the reason for the Glovo name, in any case, we can deduce that Glovo is specifically related to the globalization. In addition to this, its logo is very reminiscent of a Glovo, but at the same time the location symbol, which possibly hints that deliveries will be made no matter where you are in your city.

Regarding the use of the “V”, it is possibly due solely to a stylistic questionFurthermore, there are already a few companies registered with the name «Glovo».

  Glovo delivery man

What makes Glovo so famous?

Glovo’s idea is not entirely new. In fact, there are many other companies like Glovo to take out food. In any case, its founder Oscar Pierre, had a clear idea for what he started with his venture, which would later become one of the most important delivery companies.

Undoubtedly, some of the aspects that make Glovo one of the best options for placing orders is that it does not put as many limitations as other companies, which is why there are many more products allowed within the platform.

Similarly, it offers a service with a relatively low cost, in which it is possible to request your purchases, track them and finally make the payment without major difficulties. In addition to this, the company is committed to making shipments as soon as possible, which usually translates into a shipment that lasts less than 30 minutes.

Glovo today

Currently the company offers its services in practically the entire territory of Spain, also works in various countries in Europe, the African continent and Latin America. Thanks to this, Glovo has expanded to more than 250 cities around the world.

Glovo’s expansion is undeniable and it is also expected that, in a Next future, this expansion is even more significant. Thanks to this, it has become one of the new Spanish companies with the best global projection.

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