What does it mean or what is EXP or Experience Points on Duolingo? What is it for?

Earn experience points on Duolingo and level up This is what every user hopes to achieve when registering on this online platform to learn new languages. It is no secret to anyone that Duolingo has a merit and recognition well deserved in terms of quality of services and ease of interface.

Today learning a new language is a task that most people have at their fingertips, and platforms like these make it increasingly easy for all ages and countries.

What are experience points for on Duolingo?

When accessing the interface Once the account is created in Duolingo, either through the application for iOS and Android, starting to earn EXP or experience points in Duolingo is a fairly simple task. To be able to collect these points and thus complete each level, it only takes dedication and a couple of constant hours a week that will undoubtedly improve knowledge.

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However, if you have decided to learn with Duolingo in a more traditional way through a computer, you only need to register an account on the official Duolingo site and complete each challenge or task that will make you gradually gather enough points until you reach the maximum score and thus terminate the course or the language you have decided to study.

scoring levels

Although it is true that each course or language has different requirements, they all have the same common purpose of collect EXP that will help the user to improve their knowledge while having fun and seeking to achieve the highest score. The purpose of all this is to finish with the knowledge of a language and think about starting a new course.

One of the great features of Duolingo is that it is completely free and promises to be so for many years to come. For this reason, you can always learn a new language and simultaneously without having to spend a single penny.

How to earn experience points on Duolingo?

Earning experience points is an extremely simple task for anyone who is really passionate about learning and dedicates a couple of hours a week to complete lessons at each level every day. Although each level offers different EXP scores, reaching the maximum score of 30,000 is what everyone expects when starting a new course or language.

Earning experience points on Duolingo is nothing more than a way to evaluate the progress you make as you pass or advance each level. To earn EXP on Duolingo you just have to follow the following steps:

For starters, completing the lessons individually can earn you 10 experience points on Duolingo. The famous saying «practice makes perfect» is very well reflected in Duolingo, and it is that by constantly practicing each level, it will make you achieve more and more points that will benefit the lessons.

duolingo advance

Similarly, the action that allows you to achieve higher EXP even reaching a score of 100 EXP is to complete the final tests of each lesson and of course, the less margin of error there is, the greater the results and therefore, the higher the remuneration of scores that can be obtained.

You should always keep in mind that although learning a new language can be a bit complicated at first, it will not always be like that, the more practice and the time you dedicate to study, the greater the benefits you can obtain. Learning a new language opens the way to many doors, and today, Duolingo makes this task easier and more fun for us.

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