What does the word Full mean in Mercado Libre? What are Full Shipments?

Many people wonder what does the word full in Mercado Libre? and the answer is, the word full in Mercado libre refers to shipping services fulfillment.

Free market in full shipments takes care of receive the product, take charge of storing the same until its sale, carry out the procedures and packaging tasks and finally make the shipment and delivery of the product.

Free market is in charge of make shipments of the products to the buyers for which they tend to be extremely fast shipments as well as reliable.

Difference between full shipments and traditional shipments

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Many of the publications on the open market do not have the full shipping labeling, In other words, they do not have the fulfillment shipping service provided by Mercado Libre.

Mercado Libre’s full shipments are a special service provided by the company, this service can be hired by any user who sells articles or products by this means.

Traditional shipments are those that are responsible for making the sellers on their ownOn the other hand, full shipments are made directly by Mercado Libre, which is why they are safer because the company already has the product at its disposal.

To differentiate a publication that has full shipments from one that uses traditional shipments, you simply need to look at the publication’s exposure label, which will indicate «Full shipments».

full free market shipments

Generally the Full shipments are preferred by users Before traditional shipments, this is due to the confidence generated by full shipments because the product is in the Mercado Libre branch.

Qualities of Full shipments in Mercado Libre

Something important about full shipments in Mercado Libre is that in comparison With regular shipments, the cost of these is quite low so you can save money with them.

Another quality of the full services in Mercado Libre is that they are quite fast and carry special protection, so it can be said that they are safer than the common shipments.

Free Market fulltime shipments according to statistics issued by the same company, unlike traditional shipments, these are a 40% faster and safer.

It is estimated that full shipments may take time up to 24 hours to arrive at the place of destination where the buyer will receive regardless of the day of the week in which the purchase of the product or item is made.

Selling products in Mercado libre with the quality of making fulfillment shipments gives the seller greater exposure on the company page, so they will have the opportunity to reach more people and thus make more sales.

The packaging provided by Mercado libre for full shipments is exclusive, in addition to being a free service provided by the company for all those vendors who wish to use it.

For the company it is important that the people who are users of the company use the service since it is beneficial for sellers as for those who buy in Mercado Libre

How do Full services work in Mercado Libre?

The operation of full services in the free market is quite simple, This is available to anyone who wants to sell items or products through Mercado Libre.

Free market full shipping boxes

To use full services In Mercado Libre, the seller must send the products or items for sale to Mercado Libre in advance through a parcel service.

The seller can choose which products they want to send through Mercado Libre’s full services since they have the option of sending only the products of their choice.

Once Mercado Libre has received the products, they take care of process product inventory in question, they store the same, this has an additional cost that is usually quite low.

When a user buys the product in Mercado libre, he takes care of the respective packaging, which is free, shipping the product and delivering it in quite a short time.

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