What GTA 5 videos can you upload to YouTube?

A few hours after GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) was released Rockstar has released an official statement telling us what videos we can upload to Youtube.

If you have GTA V and want upload videos with gameplays it is better that you see the limitations that Rockstar imposes so that your videos are not deleted or censored.

Is possible to publish game material and Take-Two Interactive does not oppose fans who want to publish game content for non-commercial use in a way that does not ruin the game for others (the plot of the adventure itself).

If you post any of the following videos it could be removed:

  • Pre-Launch Videos: As of today (October 18) nothing happens anymore but until then videos that included leaked content (regardless of how it was obtained) would be deleted. Even the «unboxing classics».
  • spoiler (which is known as story reveals and means something like «Spoil, ruin, etc.»), including the following events:
  1. Videos showing the end of the game.
  2. Pure cinematic scenes.
  3. Revelations of history.

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Videos of the Let’s Play type and cinematics added to a long video may be published, but isolated videos with cinematics of the game will be eliminated.

  • In-game entertainment: Some TV shows, comedy shows like GTA IV or Red Dead Redemption silent movies cannot be uploaded.

In addition to this, any type of content that they consider objectionable will be deleted from the network. Now you just have to start enjoying and not upload any spoilers of the game.


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