What happens if I buy an application in the Play Store and change my cell phone or phone?

The phone market is constantly subject to advances that occur in technology. Today, it is very difficult for a cell phone to have a useful life of more than 4 years. This is because they are made so that from time to time they have to be changed, and this is also tied to the fact that cellular technology improves every day, and shows no signs of stopping.

Thanks to the nature of telephones, we recommend that the user know how to create and restore a backup of all files on an android phone. Well, it’s no surprise that every 2 or 3 years you find yourself changing phones. Every day, processors get smaller, and more powerful. In response to this, the applications used in them require more capacity from the phone.

However, another way to be able to transfer your applications when you are changing phones is to know how to extract the APK of Android applications. If you remove all the APKs from your system, you can restore them to another device. Usually, APK’s are distributed by an Applications market.

application market

What is an App Marketplace?

Now, thanks to the immense amount of money that is handled in these companies that manufacture cell phone devices, there are several companies that transcend the need to have a product but merely the offering of a service. In this case, the market for Android phone applications has always been monopolized by Google, through its Play Store.

This is a wonderful service, which is highly reliable. It has innumerable downloads, as it is present in almost every phone in the world. These have the Playstore pre-installed, however, if your phone does not have it, on our page you can learn how to install the Play Store on any phone.

When you install the Playstore, this it will ask you to create a Google account, and in case you already have it, that you log in. This is because the Playstore has a history of all the applications you have downloaded, either free or paid. Some devices have problems installing Apps, so you should know what error 444 is and its solution, as this is the most common of all.

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How can I buy Apps from the Google Playstore?

This is very easy, because when you create a Google account it is said that you have the option of filling out a bank information form. In this you can register your bank account through your credit card. This is very important, because as Google is such a large company, it has several services that are paid. Among these, there are some Downloadable Applications from the PlayStore.

When you have registered your credit card in your Google account, you can go to the App in question, and press the buy button. Once you do this, will ask you for a purchase confirmation. Once you accept this confirmation, the download will begin.

What happens if I buy an Application in the Play Store and change my Cell phone or phone?

This is a very common question among fans of mobile technology. Today more than ever, people are changing phones faster. It is very common for us to have relatives or acquaintances who today are changing phones annually, ignoring the true lifespan of the devices.

Well, when it comes to having a phone, you will realize that these they don’t have a memory that you can extract to enter it in another device to be able to pass your information quickly. So there is some service that can keep track of the apps that have been downloaded.

There comes into question the fact that the Google Play Store it will always remember any purchase you make with your account. This is because its servers are practically inpenetrable, and as long as you remember how to access your account, you will be able to see all the applications that you have purchased and downloaded for free, as well as download them to any device you want.

Also, when you buy an App, you need to have an account mandatory, and the same happens if you want to redeem a money code from the PlayStore. To re-download these Apps, you must search for them in the Playstore and download them again.

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