What happens if I put a Hard Drive with Windows system in another PC?

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Our personal computers are made up of several devices electronics known as hardware. And these fulfill a specific function in this system, one of them and for other important is the hard disk drive. The drivers that allow the perfect functioning of the PC are stored in it. But What happens if I put a hard drive with Windows system in another PC?

It is important that you know that when you install an operating system from scratch, such as Windows. This configures the entire system so that it can work with the physical components it has, called motherboard, processor, hard drive, RAM, etc. since each one must work with specific drivers or drivers that are determined in the same configuration.

We are getting into a little deep conversation about technical aspects, but we can tell you that performing this operation can bring us a lot of problems. Although we are not telling you that it cannot be done, but it is a bit difficult and it would take us more time than freeing space on our hard drive. PC.

What happens if I put a hard drive with Windows system in another PC?

But in general, the problems that the change of the HDD with Windows system on another PC. Since when large changes are made to physical units such as the hard disk. It is very likely that it will not even be able to start and if it happened we would find driver or license problems.

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This is why the change must be prepared in a good way and do not present the problems that we have just mentioned. Among the possible problems that we can face when changing the hard drive, there is the so-called blue screen. And this is because of the drivers, the PC can boot but it may show us the blue screen.

Another problem that we can face is that our license is deactivated, since the system registers and associates all the devices of our PC. And not only that it can be deactivated, but we even have serious problems when we want to activate it again. This can become the great obstacle that prevents putting a hard disk with the system Windows on another PC.

One of the most common problems deactivating the Windows license

Remember that when a Windows license is activated, it is only activated for a specific computer, which has a configuration and Specific hardware. So if any change is made, it is automatically deactivated. So the only way to solve this problem is to install Windows from scratch and purchase a new license.

But you can prepare everything that you can make changes in your Pc and do not present these problems that we have already mentioned. And for this we are going to use a tool that is available in all versions of Windows.

This is called Sysprep and it will not only work for you when you change the hard drive, but also any other hardware device.

This tool is very simple and easy to use and prepares Windows so that it can work with the new Hardware. But even so, it is possible that we find a problem that can prevent our PC from starting. This operating system is very complex and when it already has a pre-established configuration it is very difficult to un-configure.

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This is why to avoid problems or wasting time it is better to do a clean installation, that is, delete the operating system and start from the beginning. This will avoid the conflict that the drivers could have with the new Hardware.

In this way we end this article that I try to give you an overview of the possible problems that you may encounter if I put a hard disk with Windows system in another PC

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