What is a file with a CAMREC extension and how can I open it?

Computers use file associations to be able to open and run certain programs, documents, images or videos. In some cases, files are shared by many software, however there are others that require a unique binary system, such as CAMREC files.

The binary format of a software consists of having a specific program to be able to execute certain types of files with particular formats. In this sense, we will need to have the appropriate software if we want to open CAMREC files.

Many users think that the program does not run well by not being able to execute the files, ignoring the importance of having the appropriate software so that it works optimally.

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But what are CAMREC files really and what is their function? If you’ve edited a video with Camtasia Studio, you probably know it. For this reason, in the following article we will explain quick and easy what is a file with a CAMREC extension and how can you open it.

What is a CAMREC file?

All files with CAMREC extension are screen recording files of the Camtasia Studio program prior to version 8.4.0. After version 8.4.0 TREC files in TechSmith Recording format replaced CAMREC files.

CAMREC file iconCamtasia is a program used to record a computer screen. It is very common to use it to teach tutorials and even stream video games. Once you finish recording, the resulting file format will be CAMREC.

It is important to note that this file extension is unique to Windows operating systemSince MAC computers store this type of file in .CMREC format, for this reason, CAMREC files cannot be executed on MAC computers.

How to open a CAMREC file?

CAMREC files can be viewed or edited with Camtasia Studio, so files can be opened and exported through Camtasia Studio; however, if you do not have, you must extract video from CAMREC file to be able to open it.

To do this, the file name will have to be changed, changing the CAMREC extension to .Zip. Then you will have to open new zip file with a program or an application.

Another alternative to open a CAMREC file is to right click on it and select the option to open it as a file in one of these programs and with that program that you select, you will be able to extract the video.

Open CAMREC file

It should be noted that for this alternative to work you must have the correct program installed and the options of the context menu enabled.

The files will have to be extracted in AVI format so that they can be executed correctly. There are other files within a CAMREC file that can contain ICO images or DAT files.

How to convert a CAMREC file?

Through Camtasia Studio you can convert these files to other formats such as MP4. In the same way, you will be able to convert the files from CAMREC format to TREC format from the software, importing the files to the most recent version.

Similarly, it is also possible to convert CAMREC files without the need for Camtasia. To do this, we will have to resort to free online tools file conversion.

However, it should be noted that in order to convert the file with an online conversion tool, the AVI file must be extracted from the CAMREC file, since it is that file that can be converted.

Once you have this file, you can convert it to different formats such as MP4, FLV and MKV. Some good alternatives to convert the files are Video Converter or Free Make.

Other alternatives to convert a CAMREC file

View CAMREC files with Magic File

You can get a universal software viewer in order to view and open CAMREC files. A good alternative is File Magic. This universal file viewer is very easy to use and is available from the Microsoft Store.

Convert files with FileZigzag

Finally you can count on the Filezigzag tool. With this alternative you will do the entire procedure online. The first thing you should do is to have extracted the AVI file from the CAMREC file.

Once you have the AVI file, access the FileZigzag website, load the AVI file and select the option for the new format (MP4, MOV, WMV, FLV, MKV).

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