What is a File with a .Jsf Extension and How to Open Them?

What is a File with a Jsf Extension and How

The truth is very common that there are a large number of files with different extensions, of which we do not know much, or perhaps we only know the most common.

In this case today we will talk exclusively about files with extensions. JSF, both what it is about, in which operating systems they can be viewed and which are the most common programs with which we can view them.

What is a file with a .JSF extension?

The .JSF files are created by the Adobe Fireworks application, which aims to create, edit images and graphics. All of these files use commands from JavaScript, which provide information to the Fireworks software so that it can perform different actions.

How to view .JSF extensions?

Before continuing, it is important to say that Adobe Fireworks is currently completely discontinuedHowever, the company that created this software still provides security updates for existing versions.

adobe fireworks logo and version

These types of files can achieve visualization both in Windows as on Mac, and to do it, here in look how it is done we show you the steps:

Windows computers

It is really easy if your computer has the adobe fireworks program installed, just look for said file in your documents or USB, and click on it, in this way the system will automatically select the program and you will be able to view said file.

Now in case you have said program installed and this do not open automatically, the system will show you a window, with a varied list of programs, just select the program that is called “Adobe Fireworks”.

Then click on the box that says “always use the specific program for these files.” Once this box is activated, you just have to click on accept and that’s it, you will be able to view these files anytime you want.

Mac computers

These files with .JSF extensions It can also be opened from computers with macOS, and if you have the program installed it will be very easy, because you just have to click on the Finder and then double-click on the file you want to open, which will be done completely automatically.

Unlike Windows, this operating system usually already comes with such programs installed, so it will be very rare not to get it.

What if my computer doesn’t have adobe fireworks downloaded?

Unfortunately, nowadays there are no new official versions of this program, the safest way to obtain it is through old versions. Which are obtained by downloading and installing Apks applications (which can bring malware) and from official Adobe applications such as Creative Cloud.

creative cloud logo

  1. The first thing you should do is download Creative Cloud, and once downloaded you must subscribe to a plan. To download Adobe Fireworks, it is necessary that once you are on the desktop, go to the Creative Cloud program and open it.
  2. Already within the program you must go to where the photo of your account and press on it, usually this is in the upper right part of the screen.
  3. There you will slide the options, until you find the one that says “preferences”, you must click on it. A menu will be displayed in which you will select «applications».
  4. In applications, just go to the settings section and activate the switch called “show older applications.”
  5. Then in the “applications” section an option called “all applications” which is located in the upper left part of the screen will be shown. Select it.
  6. A list with a variety of old applications will be displayed, in which you only have to select the one with the name «Adobe Fireworks», click on «download» and ready.
  7. This process mentioned a few minutes ago works for both Windows computers and Mac buyers.

Download from APK

Simple, just open the browser and look for the name of the program in stores like “Uptodown” and within this search for “fireworks”, select “download” and the download will begin immediately.

All you have to do is run it and follow the steps it indicates until it says “finish”. A disadvantage is that these apk can be infected with malware affecting our computers, so it would not hurt if you download a malware protector for your device.

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