What is a File with a .Json Extension and How to Open It?

What is a File with a Json Extension and How

It is common to find a wide variety of files and formats on our PC, of ​​which we may or may not have knowledge about it. Today in Look How It Is Made we will talk about .JSON files. Which are basically made up of text, which makes them legible to the human eye, as well as also editable by any text editor.

What are .JSON files?

His name prevents from JavaScript Object Nonation and these formats are a kind of codes used for data exchange, this format had its origin from a subset of JavaScript, but its great utility made it a independent language alternative to XML.

When you have this type of JSON format, it is much simpler and easier to analyze it, it is widely used to transmit data between web applications and a server.

How can I view these .JSON files?

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To be able to open this type of files it is necessary to have a text engine, which will help to show the codes that are in this file and there are a great variety of programs, but the most used are Python, Excel, JavaScript and online platforms. Here are the steps.

graphical representation of the versatility of excel


This is one of the programs in the office package which has greater versatility in terms of tools, since from it you can perform any type of operation, even reading JSON format codes in the way that we will show you below.

  1. Once you are at your desk you must open the Excel program, already in it you should only be on a new sheet.
  2. After having followed these steps, the first thing you should do is go to the «data» tab and in it, select «get data». After this you select «from file» and finally «from JSON».
  3. Finally, a window will open where you must select the file you want and click on «open». At this point you can view the entire file without problem.


This is one of the most used programs in programming and is quite similar to using the Windows notes blog. Even if Python has a variety of functions that manage to automate processes and programs in a simpler way. To be able to read this JSON file you must do the following:

  1. Once you are on your desktop you must open the Python program by double clicking, after this you must look in the «file» bar, click on it and then on «open».
  2. After this you must find the format you want to view and apply a command from json.load.
  3. After having done all of the above, you should see all the codes obtained from the file in the Python terminal.

Online platforms

As it became over time one of the most used formats in the world of programming, it did not take long for readers and editors of these files to exist online. There are a wide variety of web pages, but one of the most used is jsoneditoronline.org.

  1. When you are on your PC, you must open the browser of your choice and in the search bar type «jsoneditoronline.org» then click on search.
  2. Once you enter the website, you must go to the «Open» tab where you will then select «Open from disk».
  3. All you have to do is search for the file you want to open and this platform will automatically make it visible.


This is a technology that can be said to be already outdated. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still used. Being a programming language and not software, it makes it a bit complicated. So pay attention.

javascript language logo

In order for you to view these files, you must use the jQuery library. Using the «Lee_json ()» function and also identifying the file that makes up your website to view its content.

In a simpler way to achieve your goal you must place the .json next to the .html and you do it as follows:

This process for place the .json next to the .html it’s pretty straightforward, it just takes a bit of practice in mute JavaScript.

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