What is a File with an .opus Extension and How Can I Open Them?

If you have asked yourself what is a file with .opus extension and how can I open them? Here we will give you a brief but complete explanation about these files and how you can use them freely.

This type of files, we normally find them when copying audios from our phone, this can be given when they send us an audio and we want to use it for something else or simply save it on our PC to listen to it later. These .opus files can be sent back at any time via WhatsApp.

What is an .opus file?

It may happen to us that when copying files from our phone or Smartphone we find some in .opus format, these usually come from instant messaging applications and the one that most presents this format is WhatsApp. An app that offers a very fast and comfortable messaging service.

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Because this app needs to be the fastest and most stable, it has to make use of these types of files, because with these you can send very low-weight audios and have excellent clarity when it comes to voice. However, this format is not recommended if you want to send larger files such as songs, since when change them to the .opus format they lose a lot of quality.

If we want to make continuous use of this type of files, we can get on the internet, pages commissioned for convert your mp3 to opusThis will depend on the uses you want to give to this format. It is available to everyone and can be played on all types of cell phones.

file with extension can I open them

In addition to this, if you are using these files constantly and want to protect them, it is recommended that you make a backup copy of your mobile device, to avoid data loss and that your audios are safe against any failure that the terminal may have.

How can I open an .opus file?

If you constantly use opus files, and you want to play them both on your mobile terminal and on your computer, you should know that for each case we will use similar tools, but in Android some things can change.

On the one hand, if you are using your mobile phone to manage your opus files, you have to know that there is a wide variety of players that support it and that you will not have too many problems to play them, you can always test if the player you have installed opens them, to not having to install anything else.

In case your player doesn’t support it, you can download from free way the VLC version For Smartphone, you can get it in the app store totally free. When you have it, you just have to click on the file and select open with the VLC, this player has a wide variety of compatible extensions, among these is the AAC, which normally only Apple devices can use.

On the other hand, from your computer, you have even more options when it comes to playing this format. Since there are endless programs for this purpose, which do not reproduce only the .opus but all kinds of formats. Here you can also make use of VLC but in this case you will have to download it from its official page.

How can I convert an .opus file to other formats?

If you want to convert your .opus files to other more used formats such as Mp3, you can actually do it in several ways. Transforming these files can usually help us with programs that do not support these opus files. Or we simply want to pass them to a mobile player that only supports Mp3.

file with opus extension for mp3 music

As a first option we have Adobe Audition, a paid program, which is used to modify all types of audio files, this program needs a subscription to be able to use it, this must be taken into account if you want to use it permanently, from here you can easily make the conversion. You have to load the file and then go directly to ‘save as’ here you can select any format, not just Mp3.

And on the other hand, a free option is to use Audacity, an app that also allows us to do the conversion, but this time it is free software, so you don’t need to pay anything to use it, the procedure is the same as in Adobe, and you can also select the format you want. You can use the option that best suits you.

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