What is a Metropolitan Area Network? MAN – All You Need to Know

Which is a Metropolitan area network? How does a Metropolitan area network work? What is a MAN network for? What makes a metropolitan area network different from other computer networks?

Currently there are several types of computer networks or connection networks. These types of computer networks allow you to share, transmit, and give know information between different devices.

You can use any type of network computer on your mobile device or PC computer, generally multiple devices are connected to these networks so they can easily communicate with each other.

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In case you do not know what the MAN network or Metropolitan area network is and what it is for today in tdftips we bring you a complete, simple and easy to understand guide if you are new to the world of networks.

What is a Metropolitan Area Network or MAN?

There are several types of computer networks, among them is the Metropolitan area network or commonly known as the MAN network. A Metropolitan area network could be said to it sits in the middle of LAN and WAM networks.

A metropolitan area network is responsible for connecting various local area networks or better known as LANs, which are located in a nearby geographical space, this cannot be greater than fifty-five kilometers.

In other words, a Metropolitan area network allows and provides the possibility for various remote nodes to connect as if they were the same network. Remote nodes or network nodes are devices that are responsible for providing services to different network systems, such as computers, PCs, workstations.

What is a metropolitan area network for?

When talking about a Metropolitan area network or MAN network We are talking about one of the largest and most extensive connection networks, since their geographical coverage is extremely wide compared to other networks such as LAN.

What is it for and what is the function of a metropolitan area network?

A Metropolitan area network has various functions because it represents the advancement of a home local area network to a wider geographic space.

Among the functions of a metropolitan area network is that with it you can accelerate your Internet to the maximum, since the browsing speed of a metropolitan area network is quite high, a speed is estimated between 8 and 10 gigabits per second.

A Metropolitan Area Network or MAN is usually quite useful in work organizations, departments, buildings, apartment networks, urbanizations, hamlets, schools, universities and other places where it is necessary to have an Internet connection that covers the entire geographic space.

Among the main functions of a Metropolitan area network is to allow the interconnection between smaller local area networks, of telephone exchanges or between computers.

What are the characteristics of a MAN network?

It is a network with many characteristics, but one of the most important geographically speaking is that it is one of those that contains the greatest coverage, because it is designed to reach towns and cities, known as a large local network.

Another feature that is important to note is that their connections are high speed caused by fiber optics, which in turn allows it to be safer and with less margin for error than any other type of network, as well as being constant and invulnerable to radioelectric interference.main characteristics of the metropolitan area network

Basic components of a MAN network

A metropolitan area network has various characteristics and components that differentiate it from local area networks or networks with coverage without a predefined limit. Between the features and main components of a Metropolitan area network they find each other:

Network nodes

A Metropolitan area network allows several network nodes to connect with each other, the nodes are devices that are responsible for providing services to workstations. These services can be; temporary or permanent storage of information, filtering of information, collection and obtaining of data or rights to access the transmission medium.

Cabling system

This is a network that is connected by cables to reach the nodes and in turn reach the connection points.

Job positions

The jobs, these are systems within which a user pYou can request applications and services that are provided by the network. Generally the workstations can be computers, PCs or workstations.

Communication protocols

Metropolitan area networks have rules or procedures used in a networkIn order to establish communication between the network nodes, these rules or procedures are called communication protocols.

Why should you install a metropolitan area network?

There are many reasons to install a metropolitan area network, but the most important are: the network extension allows to carry up to a diameter of 50 km, due to this distance it allows the nodes to be several km away to be able to achieve wide and real-time communication, time, traffic and network access is miniscule, it has high reliability due to the fact that it has a minimum network operational error rate, the optical fiber is extremely safe because it does not allow the intersection of data, and at the moment it is one of the most requested due to the speed of action .



The SMDS Switched Multi-megabit Data Service or Multi-Mgabit Switched Data Service, offers users different speeds to connect to the internet, these range from 1, 2, 4, 10, 16, 25 and up to 34 Mbit / s. What so far represents the most common internet connections, there are dedicated connections that offer higher speeds, but for an average user, these speeds should cover the needs.

Voice, data and video integration

Due to the great coverage, speed, speed and reliability of this network, it is safe and reliable to share data, images and audios in real time, always taking into account what could happen later with said information, because despite the fact that fiber optics prevents the intersection and theft of information, once it is uploaded to the cloud, it will be difficult to stipulate or be sure of its future use.

High availability and reliability

The function of this network is to reach all places within a radius of 50 km, allowing to have a speed and availability that allow it to be considered one of the best in terms of internet connections, because it could be said that it is in real time, and its great reliability is born from the optical fiber because this cabling allows it to be stable and safe against radioelectric intersections.

Safety and noise immunity

Due to the aforementioned factors this connection it is immune to any type of radioelectric node that seeks to destabilize the connection to the internet network, thanks to the wiring by which it works.

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