What is a RAM Memory Card, what is it for and how does it work on my PC? RAM memory types

What is a RAM Memory Card what is it for

RAM memory it’s essentially super fast storage and high speed that your computer and its applications use to store and access temporary data, can be assimilated as a computer’s short-term memory works by storing common data that programs are in constant use of, rather than storing the data on a much slower medium like a solid state hard drive (or SSD).

Although RAM does not automatically have data stored on each chip, it does have what is called volatile memory, or memory that is erased when power no longer flows through it. But, programs like browsers, Adobe Photoshop, and even Windows use RAM by entering their basic files at startup.

RAM Memory Types

Over the years, the speeds and capacity of the RAM have increased so much that the only way to adapt to these speeds was to build different motherboards. our way of computing has certainly changed, but almost all users would not have noticed anything different. The most modern type of RAM is DDR4, it is getting faster and faster, this includes the new annual improvements that Microsoft makes in its computers.

The speed type works in tandem with the type as older types of RAM are only made to reach a certain speed although extracting data from RAM is miles faster than extracting data from a hard drive, each type of RAM it still has certain “speed limits,” which are measured in megahertz (Mhz). This speed allows data to come in and out even faster

Some motherboards even have technical limitations at what kind of RAM speed can handle, this can be for a series of reasons such as to avoid overheating, or simply putting the firmware of the motherboards does not support it, it has a similar resemblance to the RAM memories of cell phones, which work in the same way.


If you buy a 1833mhz RAM for your computer, but the motherboard spec says that it can only accept 1333mhz RAM or lower, it will throttle to 1333mhz. Essentially, you are slowing down the stick to match the speed limit imposed by the motherboard.

This can also happen with mixing high speed RAM with low speed RAM, the system needs consistency, so it will burn your card faster to meet this need. For this reason, it is necessary to know in advance, before buying a module in the PC, the limits and the maximum RAM that our motherboard supports.

How does RAM work?

RAM is a type of storage that stores information using electricity (information being data or machine code instructions), how the data is actually stored varies depending on the type of RAM. In DRAM, memory is stored in an intelligent array of logic gates called flip-flop which can have its output current on and off.

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In simple terms, RAM is to disk memory like pockets in a backpack that when the user goes in the normal way that he does the work (processing), he keeps the things frequently needed to the computer in his pocket and the remaining things in his backpack. the reason why it does this is that you can access your free boxes with less time as opposed to opening the backpack and taking things out of it.

According to the analogy, the ram memory uses temporarily in what would be the memory board, it searches quickly and stores it to in this way give rise to application processes, normally related that occupy a lot of computer consumption, that is, usually Google Chrome or background applications require it.

The computer does the same with the memory, it has everything it needs in the disk space, however to access that memory it takes too long so that it keeps the most frequently used data in the RAM memory that is built using a transistor and a capacitor connected in an array of lines of words and bits, as it is faster to access compared to the drive which is a rotating physical disk which also has an installation.

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