What is a Reversal of Payment with a Pre-Authorized Debit?

It is very common that when obtaining products on credit, we make an authorization for the business to automatically deduct an amount or monthly fee; However, if there are problems, it is necessary to know that it is a reversing a pre-authorized debit payment and how it works.

In this sense, a reversal of a payment implies a request to reimburse money for various reasons; In addition, the return automatically due to system error, of the data among others. Which indicates that there are multiple reasons why this can happen.

Likewise, regarding a pre-authorized debit it means that you authorized the bank and the provider to automatically obtain the money that it is due for a service rendered; It could also be for a purchased or purchased product.

Therefore, it is necessary to know how to request a automatic debit reversal That way you will be able to know or have all the necessary information at hand; since it is very possible that you will require at some point to understand each step that must be done to achieve it.

Reversal of payment with a pre-authorized debit

In principle, the reversal of a payment with a pre-authorized or automatic debit, consists of requesting the refund of the money that was discounted from your bank account; likewise, each bank may have its own rules or specific forms to be able to do so.

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There are a few reasons why a card transaction is declined, the same is true for pre-authorized debits, the merchant can verify that the payment has not been automatically loaded and they will verify why that happened; For example, that the client requested it or that there is an error in the data.

Pre-authorized debits are processed through a payment network nationwide, which includes a list of banks; in this way the money is debited from the clients’ accounts and thus achieve the corresponding disbursements. In addition to providing many benefits.


This type of service provides various benefits, such as convenience for customers, avoiding the use of checks or problems with payment delays due to forgetting the collection date. It is also a fast and electronic way to collect accounts and of course process debts.

On the other hand you can have a meticulous record of the collections, in addition to streamlining the payment of either rent, insurance fees and various services, among others. In this sense, through the pre-authorized debit you can as a client keep your payments up to date and if you are a provider, you guarantee the collection in a safe and punctual way.

Payment reversal

To request the reversal of the payment of a pre-authorized debit it is necessary that you do it within 30 days from the date it occurred; and it will be returned in an average of 72 hours after the moment the request was made. However, some entities have maximum claim dates and limits.

Pre-authorized debit fraud

Currently there are many complaints of fraud due to pre-authorized debit, in this sense it is necessary to take some precautions regarding the issue. In order to avoid being a victim of organized gangs that only seek to rob you.

authorization of a pre-authorized debit

In the same vein, there are systems that are safer every day, such as shop online and add a debit or credit card in the Google Pay service. However, you can find telemarketing services, which will offer you various products of dubious origin, so you should be careful because it could basically be a fraud or scam.

Likewise, if you want to buy or acquire a product or service online and direct the payment to your account, you need to be sure of acquire what you are looking for from responsible companies; in case of doubts it is better to personally attend an establishment, and pay through a point of sale POS system.

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