What is After Effects and what is it for? Which functions has?

Video has been enshrined over the years as a measure of capture our daily life and a tool to immortalize actions of our life that can never be repeated, for the simple fact that time only advances, but does not go back.

But the video has mutated and has become an element of great framework that involves a stylized and versatile structure that helps in its improvement. Therefore, technology must heed this call and act as Perfecting the great tool that records time, the video.

But this improvement goes beyond the borders of the routine, in order to perfect the video, actions have been taken via the After Effects interface, that allow for example to make logos and metallic texts, but digitally. This sounds crazy to us, but the high quality of detail that After Effects offers us, makes the virtual seem physical.

Giving life and movement to an image created in After Effects is just the beginning of the possibilities, those that are connected in the most advanced in terms of editing, and at the same time in connection with the most personal as making animated titles for weddings. It’s necessary that Let’s talk about After Effects and everything that concerns it.

After Effects What is it and what is this that everyone talks about?

It is a versatile tool for editing and creating visual content, through its advanced software it is possible to build high quality graphic material, both in the 2D and 3D presentation.

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What attracts the general public in great numbers is the possibility of improving the image quality of a photograph previous. What has made After Effects the receptacle of worldwide demand for photo editing.

However its functionality is not limited there, you may want to make an animated GIF, rebuild and / or improve an important photograph, or give great special effects to an audiovisual production, the Adobe tool, allows all this and more, because its possibilities are almost endless.

Its great versatility is based on its structure of overlapping layers, which makes its editing software limited only by the taste of the users, and not by trivial interface impediments. Coupled with the fact that it provides plugins that ease the editing work, making it smoother and more malleable, so After Effects, without a doubt it deserves its position in the publishing world.

Limiting its functionality to relate to serve, would never end, being motion graphics software. Its application in the market speaks for itself, it is present in the post-production edition of iconography, in elements of redesign of vision for TV, in the styling of details in the cinema, and in how many digital creations related to the edition. , you can imagine.

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It may not be possible to list everything, but you can try to refer to the functions it contains. Above all, because many of them have become a trend among video publishing professionals. Since despite being complex to use, they provide us with some results that we will not find anywhere else.

After Effects What functions does it have?

To say that it brings the inanimate to life sounds presumptuous, but it is the best summary that can be given when referring to the functions of After Effects. The possibility of giving a mobility to iconographic or graphic resources, make its functions are not only for private use, it is more for professional and business use.

It enables transitions in television, the redesign of advertising campaigns by giving a new vision scheme to titles and content. It really speaks of a macro process of artificial intelligence represented in image.

Taking a trip through the functions is a journey that would not take hours, but we are going to name some popular functions After Effects.

  • Expression editor.
  • Filling according to content for video.
  • Automatic source synchronization.
  • Free position tools for sculpting mesh.
  • Passes of 3D depth native.
  • Greater integration with Animate.
  • Advanced puppet engine.
  • Creation of a virtual reality environment.

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