What is Amazon EC2? – Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Prices and Features

What is Amazon EC2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Prices

Amazon is a world leader in the buying and selling of personal, office electronics and other products and supplies. But it also offers its millions of users computer Services, like the digital cloud, for example, Amazon Web Services. We will explain what Amazon EC2 is, another branch of the digital cloud that this company provides.

What is Amazon EC2?

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides extensible computing capacity in the cloud from Amazon Web Services (AWS) from your computer. This option manages to avoid the initial investment of a hardware, allowing to deploy and carry out applications in record time.

With Amazon EC2 you can use virtual servers that you need, with full confidence, since these are under maximum security. Plus, you can configure network and security with unique and unmatched storage management based on your needs.

What is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Cloud Computing?

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The systematization in the cloud is, deployment of IT resources on request, using the internet as a medium, based on payments per use. Instead of acquiring and owning physical or tangible servers and data centers, you can access the storage computing services of Amazon EC2.

Thanks to the database, you can upload or share files in the cloud, since this platform serves as a digital service provider.

What features does Amazon EC2 have?

Here are the features that this platform offers to online users when using it as a cloud provider:

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  • Virtual context known as instances.
  • Pre-configured templates for the instances, named after Amazon machine images that store the parts that are necessary for the server, including the operating system along with additional software.
  • Some CPU, memory, storage and network capacity configurations of the instances.
  • One function it has is, that the login content, is secure for key pair platforms as is both private and public.
  • Has a amount of storage for temporary data that are removed when the instance is stopped or terminated.
  • Constant amount of storage for data using Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS).
  • Multiple tangible locations for resources, such as Amazon EBS volumes and instances, named for regions and zones with accessibility.
  • Provides a firewall that allows protocols and ports to be specified as IP ranges available through security group platforms.
  • Static IPv4 addresses for dynamic cloud computing.
  • Metadata, which can be set and pinned to Amazon EC2 resources.
  • Virtual networks that you can create that are isolated known as virtual private clouds (VPCs).

These features undoubtedly make Amazon EC2 one of the best cloud storage services, which is why many choose to use it.

Amazon EC2 pricing

By registering with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, you can use the services for free using the AWS option. But Amazon EC2 offers different tiers with platform or instance purchase options to users or customers globally.

It should be noted that we do not indicate the prices, but we show you the services that you can choose, in addition, the accurate prices you get once registered.

On-demand instances: You will pay for the platforms you use for a very short time without the long-term commitments or additional payments.

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Savings Plans: You can lower costs by allocating a one-time amount of one dollar per hour over a 1-3 year period.

Reserved Instances: You have the power to reduce your costs by taking responsibility for a specific instance configuration, for a period of 1 or 3 years.

Spot Instances: You may require an unused EC2 instance, which can reduce your Amazon EC2 costs tremendously.

As you have already read, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud is a fairly comfortable and secure service, which has different options such as Amazon Drive. Take advantage of this article as it will help you make the most of the services offered by Amazon to his clients.

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