What is an anti-Malware? – Definition, Types and Examples

In today’s article we will talk about, What is Antimalware and what is this protection tool for? First of all, when we talk about Malware we mean any kind of malicious software. There is a great variety of Malware that attack different targets of a computer, all with the purpose of doing damage to the computer to harm the owner of this computer.

Along with the creation of computers, Malware has existed, which is why applications have been developed with which combat and remove these malicious software. In this way, AntiMalware is born, which makes it difficult for malware to enter the computer, eliminating and detecting possible Malware that we have on our computer.

When we want to use an AntiMalware, we must take into account that there are several types of these, each having different characteristics from each other. That is why we will talk about the protection tool that an AntiMalware can be, seeing its different types explaining what they are for and the best AntiMalware.

What is the difference between anti-malware and an antivirus protector?

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The difference between an anti-malware and an antivirus protector is that every virus that gets into your computer is malware, but not all malware is a virus.


Malware are malicious codes that are introduced to our systems through other programs, in addition, it is based on having continuous updates, that is, in real time while in the antivirus its updates are slower.

Antivirus provides us with historical protection, that is, from something very classic to new, while anti-malware completes the continuous protection of recent things.

Therefore, it is not advisable to have both installed on your computer, because it will not be more effective in protection. In addition, it is recommended to install the antivirus and let it run automatically, while the antimalware should only be installed at the time of suspicion.

How do anti-malware work?

An anti-malware operate protecting your computer from viruses new, that is, it can detect viruses very quickly, making constant updates on your computer, thus generating confidence and security for the user.

What is the importance of having anti-malware on your devices?

The importance of having anti-malware on your devices is prevent information theft, tighten security policies automatically or manually and the most important of all is to keep your files, documents, photos or any other important information on your computer safe from any virus.

What types of AntiMalware are there?

To protect ourselves from Malware there are types of AntiMalware that can better attack each Malware, so we must know what types it has. The most common AntiMalware are the Antivirus used by the vast majority of computer users, the AntiSpam that prevent our computer from being filled with junk advertising content.

Finally, the AntiSpyware that They are responsible for removing all malicious software that can extract information without permission from our computer. Next, we will explain each of these types of AntiMalware, hoping that you choose the most appropriate for your problem.

hacked screen

Standalone AntiMalware

The first type of AntiMalware that we will talk about today are the autonomous AntiMalware, which They are compatible with a large number of computers and even with a pendrive. Its function is not to contaminate a portable file by means of a scanner. This type of AntiMalware is not usually as effective, because it does not have a constant update, which if the Security Software Packages do.

Security package

The most common type of AntiMalware is the security software package. They are the most complete because beyond providing us with an antivirus, they have more functions within themselves, offering virus detection to eliminate them later, use of antispyware with which to protect us from any spying attempt on the network and bring VPN with them.

Thanks to how complete they are, they are the most used in electronic equipment, fulfilling the functions that a computer needs to be free of Malware.

Cloud AntiMalware

Finally, we have the AntiMalware in the cloud. This type of AntiMalware is very important, thanks to the fact that protect the information that is deposited in the cloud from any Ransomware. The most common way in which a computer is infected with Malware is through the internet using very credible emails, so that upon entering it downloads files that contain malware.

This type of AntiMalware are frequently used in services of email like Gmail, protecting its users from being attacked by Malware. For this they offer an AntiMalware service in the Cloud.

Best anti-malware to download for free

Having seen the types of AntiMalware that exist, we will leave you some of the best Security Packages that exist. With these Security Packages your team you will be protected against any Malware. Next, we will see some of the best AntiMalware out there, mentioning and explaining each of these.

Informatic security

Windows Defender

This AntiMalware is developed by the multinational company Microsoft for its Windows operating system, being available for users from version 7. This AntiMalware it is quite effective protecting our equipment, counting on a variety of services like spyware, antivirus, etc.

When using Windows Defender we should not install another AntiMalware, because it is not compatible in parallel with other AntiMalware, consequently creating failures for both.


A Malwarebytes is a free antivirus that detects what your conventional antivirus cannot detect, it is recommended that the download be done in a Google Chrome browser so that you can see the download option in the center left of your screen.

In addition, a Malwarebytes offers you real-time protection, web protection, shows the threat analysis with its time; You can also export the summary, view the report and configure the analysis time, that is, every 24 hours.computer virus

Viruses or threats detected with the greatest speed and efficiency are sent to quarantine, with a personalized analysis and a quick analysis to complement the protection that you have on your computer.

Total virus

The total virus is an application that helps us keep your computer safe, that is, if a web page contains a virus or not. This application does not eliminate the virus, it only detects the virus, and makes the alert or security call, that is, if it is safe what you will install or download.

The green color of your files means that they are safe, but if you notice that one of your files is in red, that is, it is an alert for a virus. In addition, it stands out for its speed of analysis and because it provides results from more than 70 antivirus programs.

You can also analyze files, URLs and in search you can analyze the domain of a web page, an IP address or a link. The total virus is not an antivirus it only allows you to analyze the severity or dangers existing in the analyzed links or files.


Another option we have to protect ourselves from malware is TotalAV. This program offers us a fairly complete security package, providing performance optimization computer, antivirus, VPN with unlimited data usage, etc. This AntiMalware is quite efficient in its work, being one of the best currently.

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