What is an Approved Cellphone? How is the Process to Homologate a Mobile?

One of the most important, but little known, characteristics of the telephony services with which mobile phones are integrated is homologation. Well, this tool allows proper use of networks telephone numbers on cell phones.

In this way, approval is one of the characteristics that you should pay close attention to when you go to acquire a new mobile device. Well this is as important as the brand itself the device belongs to.

Therefore, we will show you what an approved cell phone is and how is the process to approve a mobile, so you can learn about this interesting and important feature of telephone services.

What is an approved cell phone?

The homologation process consists in that a telecommunications equipment of a certain type, brand and class undergoes technical verification to evaluate and verify its proper use.

In this way, this process is what determines if a mobile device is suitable for it to work. under a certain telecommunications network, which is independent of the range of which said device is part.

Therefore, the homologation of cell phones it constitutes a characteristic that must be complied with in a mandatory way by the companies before the commercialization of the different devices destined for the telecommunications industry.

Taking this into account, in the same way that you take into consideration if the device you are going to acquire has any of the best operating systems, it also you must consider if the cell phone is approved. In such a way that it has not been adulterated or modified, since the correct operation of it will depend on the use of mobile networks.

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What is the difference between an approved cell phone and one that is not?

The homologation of a cell phone is the secret for it to function properly in relation to with a certain network. Therefore, the main difference that can be observed between an approved cell phone and one that is not, is the quality of the communications service it has.

That is, a mobile device that has not been approved It will present difficulties to have the network service. Contrary to the ease and quality of the signal that an approved equipment is capable of capturing.

Then, know if your device is approved It is simple, you must access the various Web platforms that provide this service or communicate directly with the agency from which you purchased your device. Regardless of the way you choose, you must have on hand and know the IMEI of your mobile phone.

Well, this tool, which could be defined as the personal identification of the device, is the one that will allow the service platform to know if your device has gone through the homologation process. In addition, you must bear in mind that this service to find out if your mobile device is approved is completely free.

How is the process to approve a mobile?

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Although this is a process that is carried out from the stores that present these devices, the process of approving a mobile is accessible to people. To be informed about how to homologate a mobile from home It is important, especially for those who usually make purchases of these devices in other countries, such as those who buy in the United States and receive delivery in their country.

Thus, the approval process is simpleYou only have to enter the online platform of the network to which you want to affiliate your device and enter the section that it offers for approval.

However, prior to this step, you must have your IMEI number handy from your mobile device. This can be found in the box that your device came with, or if you do not have it, you can enter the digits: * # 06 # on your device to see the IMEI.

Afterwards, you must take a photo, or screenshot if it is the case, in the that the IMEI is clearly visible. In case your device has two, try to see both.

Later, you will have to complete the corresponding form on the telephony service platform and add these images. Finally, you will only have to wait to receive a response from the telephony regarding the homologation of your device.

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