What is an Arduino and what is it for? How does it work and what types are there?

Hardware is an indispensable branch of computing for those who work within this field. So it is necessary that those who are starting in it know what Arduino is and what it is for.

It has always been a «facilitator» project for all types of programmers, created by students of the Interactive Design Institute by Ivrea. It can basically be characterized as a open source board that allows you to create a very easy-to-use electronic platform to carry out a project. An Arduino works like a motherboard or motherboard.

Likewise, it is also known as a micro-controller that allows the interaction between software and hardware to perform tasks autonomously.

Find out what Arduino is and what this board is for!

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Arduino is a electronic platform open source or «free». This code allows you to create new types of microcomputers for the developer to give them a specific use. What public access plate, allows the ease and flexibility of creation for programmer that merits its use to carry out a project.

It is known globally for its feature of free software and hardware, which offers any organization or user a base to create a new type of board or code for a new application, and thus can be used for other purposes.

original arduino board

Through this method, it has managed to be compatible with different types of operating systems such as Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Styles of uses and services provided by Arduino

Because it is a fairly dynamic board that offers a varied number of possible functions, its intended use can be classified into two styles.

The first or main, follow using it as a micro-controllerr, whose base will allow you to generate a new one directly related to the function you want to program.

A clear example are those programs that operate independently on computers, in charge of feeding and controlling other devices, to interact with the physical world. You can also do it creating an interface between two computers.

Both are possible thanks to the circuits that make up the micro-controller, so that it can record the programming language that generates the instructions.

Arduino operating methodology

Even if you know what Arduino is and what it is for, it may still be a puzzle to you how this little board can achieve such great purposes.

Its functionality is due to its input and output interfaces. They are means where the information processed by the plate is transmitted.

It is important to note that Arduino is also defined as a project, since it shares its basic design to create a varied number of types.

In this way, in the market you can find different styles of Arduino boards that have been created specifically for each type of need.

original blue arduino board

Top 3 best Arduino types!

This brand is made up of a series of different prototypes, you should know that each of the plates has a characteristic that differentiates of the others. Among them you can find:

Arduino UNO

Due to its degree of comfort, it is the most popular model, accompanied by a starter kit for those who are beginners.

It has 16 types of digital inputs and outputs, as well as 32Kb of memory to store most of the program codes.

Arduino Nano

It is considered the smallest version of UNO. Excellent for limited space projects, accompanied with the same characteristics as the previous type of plate.

Arduino Mega

It is known as UNO’s “big brother”, as it is fully compatible with it and has the same location of the pins to connect shields or expansions.

It is a style of plate for large projects that need more space and ports.

If you are a lover of technology and computers, you can look for the best motherboard options for your computer.

If you know computers and you are a Maker, the Arduino is a great option for you because you can create your PC with the characteristics that you want, if you are not a Maker but want to learn, we recommend you to know a little better about the differences between the types of Hardware and Software and it will also help you to know how to diagnose their problems.

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