What is an MDB File and How to Open It? Step by Step [Ejemplo]

You have compatibility issues to open an MDB file? It is a Database file that is no longer used, but there are several applications that you can use to open it. Read on to find out what it’s all about.

What is an MDB file?

An MDB file (Microsoft Data Base) is nothing more than a file an Access database file. Its .mbd extension belongs to MS Access 2003 and earlier versions.

Install Access to view MDE files

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The new Access databases have the ACCDB extension, so it can generate confusion in some occasions. Within a database, complete structures such as tables, records, database queries, XML files, Sharepoint, Excel and HTML can be contained.

Some MDB databases may be accompanied by LDB files, which is nothing more than a temporary lock file. However, it is not directly related to the BD and does not affect its operation.

How to open an MDB file?

How is a database file Microsoft native it can be opened with any version of Access. Despite being an old format, Access versions from 2007 onwards allow you to open the file.

Open with Microsoft Access

To open the file, just double-click on it or right-click, select the Open with option and select Microsoft Access. Another way to do this is to open the application directly, select the File menu and choose the Open option.

Open with Microsoft Excel

The Excel application allows you to access much of the information in an MDB file by middle of tables or queries. The same is a way to import the data and change it to an Excel format.

  • Open Excel
  • Click on the data tape
  • Select the option Get data / From a database / From an Access database
  • From the new window select the .mdb file and press the Open button
  • Now select the table you want to load in the spreadsheets
  • When you have the necessary data, import the information
  • Click Upload

Access a file with an MDE extension

MDB Viewer Plus

It is a freeware application that allows you to open MDB files. In addition to accessing the database, the user can search, apply filters, sort data, view and import information.


Another free application that is usually installed on computers with Windows environment. It is used to open text files, but it is compatible with other formats such as PHP and even MDB. The only problem is that only part of the information will be readable.

Applications to Convert MDB file to another format

MDB Converter

To update your database to a current format you can use an application called MDB Converter. Allows you to transform a file MDB in TXT, CSV or XML. It is the best option to access the database if you do not have Access installed on your PC.

White Town Converter

An application that allows you to open and import the data from an MDB file to another compatible with Excel. The available formats are XLSX and XLS.

Use Microsoft Access

It may be one of the most obvious options because the file format is Access compatible. You just need to open the file in the application and change it.

  • Open the Access application (Version 2007 or higher)
  • Click on File / Open
  • Select the mdb file
  • Access the data and make all the necessary changes to change the file type. Please note that there are several types of data that are not supported by the new Access version
  • When finished click File / Save As
  • Put the name of the new file and the file type change it to ACCDB

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