What is and How does DIDI Prevent work? – Learn about this New Protection Function here

Undoubtedly the pandemic of the year 2020 has made many things difficult, but undeniably prevention with actions such as making disinfectant wipes or wearing a mask is an aspect that cannot be ignored. For this reason, today we will talk about What is Didi and how does it work? – Learn about this new protection function here.

The 2020 situation in relation to the pandemic

The situation that has been experienced throughout 2020 in relation to Covid 19 is unknown to anyone. The pandemic has deeply affected many nationsIn fact, practically everyone has suffered consequences when it comes to this, some have even had to find ways to earn money working from home. For this reason, global health has proposed various measures that seek to stop the spread of Covid 19.

There are various measures to stop the advance of Covid 19, one of them is social distancing that invites us to be in our homes. By staying in our homes, we prevent the spread of the virus, which undoubtedly helps to gradually control it until the global situation normalizes.

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Either way, it will inevitably be necessary to leave our homes, for the purpose of shopping or work. For this reason, the second measure of great relevance is indicated, the use of the mask. Undoubtedly, wearing a mask helps reduce the effectiveness of the spread of the virus.

For this reason, many nations demand wearing a mask is mandatory, a measure that has proven to be quite efficient in slowing down the advance of the virus a bit. In any case, unfortunately not all users take these initiatives and that is why there are other proposals, for example, the one presented by Didi. With Didi Prevent, the company intends to create a means to meet the demands that this situation requires.

What is Didi Prevent? – New protection function

By now, many already know what DiDi is and how it works, but here we tell you, Didi is a company of Chinese origin that seeks to compete with Uber, in other words, provides transportation service (taxis) to its users. Little by little the service has become very popular in nations such as Chile, Colombia, Mexico, etc. Undoubtedly, it is an interesting proposal that little by little has found its way very well in various countries.

In addition, in some nations the company provides other transportation services such as DiDi Food, with which it intends to deliver food addressesIn any case, as you can imagine, all this represents a risk for the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Given this, the Didi Prevent proposal was born.

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Didi Prevent offers various tools with which it is intended to protect both drivers and users from the spread of the virus. For this he does use of artificial intelligence and a service in which photographic evidence must be offered in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19.

How does Didi Prevent work?

Through the Didi Prevent system, the Didi company provides a space in which diverse information will be provided for the prevention in times of pandemic. In view of this, a photographic validation of the use of the mask must be sent and in turn pertinent verification will also be made in relation to the disinfection of vehicles.

With this option, users can report a driver in DiDi if he is not following the required preventive standards. This is often linked to the regulations of each nation and Didi is entitled to communicate to the authorities failures by users or workers.

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