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The German supermarket chain, Lidl, has reinvented itself, creating its own app called Lidl Plus. Are you interested in knowing more about this new application? Stay with us and discover below What is Lidl Plus and how does it work? – What is the new free Lidl App for?.

What is Lidl Plus and how does it work?

The Lidl Plus application is a free app that will allow you to easily access offers, coupons such as the coupons you can get on AliExpress, or the Coupons for SinDelantal and Coupons for Orders Now, for example, and other promotions offered by the Lidl supermarkets for hunters and lovers of deals and bargains.

This type of promotion can be weekly and will allow you to access the best products and brands present in Lidl and supermarkets. Save a lot of money when buying.

How to sign up for Lidl Plus

This application works both on mobile iOS like Android, so you can easily download it from the application store of your operating system. Once you download it, you must configure it by doing the following:

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  • Enter the app and select your country, for example, Spain. After you select the country, you must click Next to continue with the process.
  • Then you will be presented with a series of advantages of using the application and when you finish reading them, you will be able to click on the Let’s get started button.
  • Then, click on the Select store button and there choose the physical store that you attend the most and where you usually shop. Or with the GPS of your mobile you can find the closest Lidl supermarket to your residence.
  • After you select it, you will have with your data register or login in case you have already registered before. Once you log in and are in the Lidl Plus app, just by entering your password and username, you can access incredible discounts and all kinds of promotions. That you can then use at the Lidl supermarket closest to your location so that you can save on your purchases.

How Lidl Plus works

When you have already registered in the Lidl Plus application and want to start obtaining coupons, offers, discounts and promotions, you will have to do a couple of processes in the app.

If you want to start get coupons, what you have to do is press the Activate button, which is inside the application. This way you will receive coupons that you can use when shopping. To have them validated at the supermarket, you must show them from your mobile screen, at the checkout when paying.

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Something to keep in mind is that these coupons have an expiration date, so you must use them before that date arrives, since after that moment they will no longer have any value. In case you want to see the coupons that you have available at the moment, you will only have to visit the Coupons section, present within the Lidl Plus app.

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On the other hand, to receive weekly discounts, no activation or registration is required within the app. These discounts assigned to customers are called Lidl Plus Benefits, they mean a 4% discount in fuel for your transport at various service stations, including Galp, Shell and DISA.

Advantages of using the Lidl Plus app

Some of the many advantages of using the Lidl Plus app when buying are: Firstly, the fact that it has access to discount coupons and exclusive offers.

The app will allow you weekly to get coupons on specific products, up to a -20% or 30%, which when activated on the mobile and displayed at the checkout, become a way to save. You can also get special offers without doing anything special, just present and scan your digital card at the checkout, when making your purchases.

You can also access a digital catalog where you can see the weekly offers that you can take advantage of. In addition, the Lidl supermarket chain has friendly stores where you will also get many discounts; You will also have the official help site of the Lidl app where more advantages are explained to you.

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