What is and How Does Secure Folder Work on Samsung Galaxy Phones? – Protect your Files

If you have wondered how can I use the hidden folder of my Samsung phone? Well, here we will clarify everything on this subject. In every operating system, measures are implemented to protect our data from external attackers, this in order to have the highest possible security. Thus ensuring that customers feel comfortable with a certain product.

In the case of SamsungThis is no different, since over the last few years they have released a great variety of cell phone models, with which you can protect your files safely. Through the secure folder. This adds a plus to the existing pres methods for hiding data on an Android phone.

What is Secure Folder on Samsung Galaxy Phones?

The secure folder is a mechanism or tool, in which you can save files under a password chosen by the user. You can also choose that security type It is the one you want to assign to your files, this being the best way to protect information or personal data, which you do not want anyone to see.

This folder was implemented a year ago, however, after its departure it had its cancellations, because in the terminals that came out, they had very little storage, which made the folder unable to function properly. This however is no longer a problem, because current devices have much more internal memory.

In addition to save your data, It has the ability to save applications, these can be apps that your terminal does not bring and you want to save them, as well as, you can save your account data and login of different applications. Thus being able to have several accounts on the same device.

secure folder on samsung galaxy phones to protect your files

The latter is really useful when using our social networks, since it often happens that we have several accounts to manage and we do not want to waste too much time going from one to the other.

How does secure folder work on Samsung Galaxy phones?

The operation of this folder is simple, and it can be applied by anyone, mainly, to be able to access this function, you must have an updated Samsung device. In addition to having an account created in Samsung Account, with which you can access all the services offered by the Samsung store, which are separate from those found on official sites.

After having our user, we have to open the folder and log in. After this it will ask us to select a security type, At the end, the folder will be created and we will be able to start copying the files.

To do this, we have to select the add option, and with this a menu or our gallery will open, in which we can select all the data that we want to protect. As for the space limit saved here, it will depend solely on how much internal memory your device has, since by doing this, you would be creating a copy of the data.

In the same way, you can add apps With the button parallel to the one with the images, with this, you can also select if you want to make a copy or if you want the app to be displayed only in the secure folder.

Tips for using the secure folder

There are certain factors or tips, which you should take into account to the proper functioning of the secure folder that Samsung offers us, among these are: the proper use of memory. It is well known that cell phones have a limited memory, some models more than others but they always have a limit, therefore, it is important to know what data to save, so as not to have it overloaded.

samsung galaxy safe folder works

Since this folder is conditional on your Samsung account, you should always be able to remember the password, because if you do not remember it, you may lose access to the secure folder. Also, keep in mind that when you want to transfer data to this folder, it is better that you move them, since this way there will be no trace of them in the gallery of your terminal.

Another tip you can follow is hide safe folderFrom the settings menu you can configure it to be hidden, and when you want to see it, just uncheck this option.

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