What is and how does the Dynamic Rate work in DIDI Conductor? How long does it last?

Technology has advanced a lot as the years go by, thanks to this a large part of daily tasks have become much easier and even now it can help us transport us from one place to another.

We know how stressful it can be to find ourselves at peak hours away from home needing transportation, either because we are leaving work, meeting some friends or finishing our shopping.

Normally there are many people on the street also doing their daily activities, when this happens it can take us some time to find a taxi available.

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alternative of services in the didi application

As the years go by, a way has been sought on how to solve the problem of public transport. And it is that we feel safer when we have a trusted driver.

In addition, we always look for the fastest and most efficient way for this. By having our safe transport we feel calmer and we will not have to worry.

What is DIDI Conductor?

DIDI Conductor is a transport platform which has become very popular lately and has many very practical functions. Due to its fast and secure service, it has established itself as one of the most efficient applications that you can find today.

It was created in 2012 in China as a mobile transportation platform, some call it the chinese uber, since it is an App with a very similar system. That’s right, lately the drivers register with DIDI Conductor and offer their taxi services. People who require a means of transport can request one from this platform.

You can easily communicate with a driver in this way and agree with him on the time you prefer so that they can pick you up, or for a family member or friend who is asking you for help in ordering a taxi.

With DIDI Conductor it will be very simple. One of the advantages of this application is that is available for Android and also for iPhone. So you can download it from your Play Store or App Store.

What is a dynamic rate in DIDI Conductor and how long does it last?

The dynamic tariff is a system that is activated when demand increases, normally This happens at peak hours. If you enter the application during these hours, you will notice that the prices are slightly increased. This happens when the partners offer their services in the area and many people are requesting a means of transport.

So we can say that it is the time and the number of people requesting a transportation service at the same time. This influences the price factor somewhat higher than normal at some times of the day. You can decide whether to accept one of these prices when the dynamic rate is activated or you simply prefer the price of common ratesThis will depend on how in a hurry you are.

There is no stipulated time for dynamic rates, if you pay attention the prices may vary every minute, you can choose the one that suits you best. Take into account that, just as from one moment to another the price can vary, it can also return to its normal price in a matter of minutes.

However, these somewhat high fees are still a great deal. Compared to Uber the standard prices and the dynamic rate continue to have a lower price.

If you have not used this mobile application yet, do not hesitate to do so, you will see that it will be really useful. It should certainly be an App that should not be missing from our mobile, because we never know when we will have to request a fast transportation service.

didi driver app

The application has a simple platform, you will see that it will be very easy to use it. Once you register in DIDI Driver You will have access to all the drivers who offer their services from the App in the area where you are.

You will see that you will be so comfortable that you will want to recommend it to your family and friends so that benefit from this service. If you want to download the food delivery app that is also a great option.

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