What is and How Does the Patreon Platform Used by Youtubers Work?

Today there are several methods that allow us to earn money from the comfort of our home. Some of these jobs are formal, while others allow us to fully exploit our creativity. Patreon is a platform that allows us earn money easily and, in addition, exploring a large amount of content that can undoubtedly make us smile. However, first we will talk about other alternatives to earn money.

In fact, today many people have found a way to generate income with YouTube, since it is a relatively cheap and comfortable option, especially in times of pandemic.

On the other hand, other users prefer to monetize streams on Twitch, which is another great platform that allows users to earn money from the comfort of their home.

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However, there are other users who earn money through their Instagram accounts, since it has become another quite reliable alternative because it is one of the most used social networks worldwide.

Now, going back to Patreon, it is really worth investigating further, as it is a very useful tool if we want to make money from home. If that is what you want, then you will be happy to know that we explain to you right here What is and how does the Patreon platform used by Youtubers work?.

What is the Patreon platform?

There is no doubt that sharing our talent with others is much easier than a few years ago. Today with just a click, we can let the whole world know of our existence. And it is not surprising, because with the large number of tools and platforms that technology offers us, sharing content is a piece of cake.

And one of those useful platforms for sharing content is Patreon. Used by thousands of Youtubers around the world, with much and little fame, Patreon allows us to share the content we want totally live. In addition, this streaming platform allows followers of content creators to pay for their work.

Patreon is a great option for anyone who wants to get money for your creativity, and also share it with the whole world. And this platform is especially good for those who have a good number of YouTube subscribers, since this allows you to share even more content with your loyal followers.

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How does the Patreon platform work?

To make this platform even better, its operation is really simple and allows its users to make and receive payment quickly. All those who want to be part of the larger Patreon community have to do is let their followers know that you are going to be streaming on Patreon. In this way they can be aware when you share content on this platform.

Another thing you have to do is ask them what kind of membership they want. Depending on the membership you choose on Patreon, you and your followers will have different options. Once this is done, you can configure the level of membership that your account has, and adapt your page to your tastes and those of your followers.

When you start uploading the content of your choice, your followers will be able to support your creation with donations through micropayments. To get the attention of viewers, the content creator must create a campaign that, to his delight, has no time limit. If the fan feels moved to give their money, then they can do so from the Patreon page.

Its simple operation makes it a really viable option for those who want a stable income of money. This is because, for each payment made, the follower you will receive prizes within the Patreon page. There is no doubt that this greatly encourages fans to donate, which makes it much easier for them to do so without qualms.

What does the Patreon platform gain from this service?

With this being such a useful and versatile platform, it’s no wonder Patreon earns something from all of these services and donations. Before sharing our creativity on Patreon, we must be very clear that charges a 5% commission for each donation. Also, another 5% is taken for transaction fees.

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This means that overall, the content creator will ultimately earn 90% of the profits from donations. This is another sign that Patreon is a excellent job optionas it allows content creators to keep the vast majority of donations.

There is no doubt that if you decide to join those who share their content on Patreon, you will not regret it. We encourage you to continue learning about this topic so that you make the best use of your creativity, and thus achieve extra income easily and quickly.

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