What is and how does the Uber Eats Dynamic Rate work at certain times?

If you want to have a flexible job that fits your schedule, nothing better than being an Uber driver. This is a good decision, since it allows you to choose the days and hours you want to work. Apart from the fact that Uber offers a good service to its customers, it gives good rates, it also provides many benefits to its appreciated drivers.

In this sense, if you are now an Uber customer, we are going to explain why you should be a driver:

  1. If you get to have an accident or mechanical failure, the great thing about Uber is that it covers those expenses.
  2. Another reason is you can choose customers by accepting the request, which makes it less dangerous, it is easy to start your work day at Uber, you just have to open the application and close it when you stop doing it.
  3. It has a category called Uber Eats Dynamic rate, which this company uses to encourage its drivers to be more efficient.

    uber you make very fast deliveries

What is the Uber Eats Dynamic rate?

Is the one that charges you an increase to the normal fare for a trip at a certain time, Those certain moments are when there is too much customer demand, especially in peak hours or when there are some events, also if it is delayed you can cancel it, in addition these events can be: games in stadiums, concerts, clubs, going to and from school and the job.

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This is activated when in the same place, 30 people request the service and there are only about 5 cars available. Then Uber activates the dynamic rate, uber eats when you enter you get the message that the service is under that category.

The detail is that many do not know about that category, which surprises them when the bill arrives. For this reason, every user should always check the price of the service as it is seen in the application.

uber east has a dynamic rate for its customers

How does the Uber Eats Dynamic rate work at certain times?

For you to keep in mind how the Uber Eats Dynamic rate works at certain times, you should look at these instructions:

  1. Uber always alerts you when Dynamic rate is active, so it is you who has to be aware, Uber places the price of the service under the Dynamic rate, so it is you who decides.
  2. Look at the price by touching the list that appears next to the travel time, touch the blue triangle, the places where it is activated the Dynamic rate are in red, the more intense the color, the more expensive.
  3. Remember that it is essential to us that you accept that the service is provided to you under the Uber Dynamic rateIf you do not agree with the Dynamic rate, you can go by other means of transport.
  4. Prices drop quickly, so you also decide if you want to wait about 10 minutes for them to change, to find out If the price dropped, touch the UberX link, there the displacement will appear and it describes the rate.
  5. Then touch the lowercase «i» where there is a circle and the rates will appear with the changes. If you want to know exactly the increase in the dynamic rate, multiply the price per minute by 3.
  6. If you want to get to your destination quickly, you can divide the amount to be charged with your companions, this service works very well for those customers who need to find and take them quickly.
  7. If the magnification is 1.2x to 1.4x, a text will be output «Rates a bit high due to increased demand», if the increase is 1.5x to 2.3x, you will get a text «Rates increased due to increased demand».
  8. If the increase is 2.4x to 5, you will get a text “Very high rates due to the increase in demand, if the base price is at $ 5 and it comes out at $ 7.5, it indicates that the dynamic rate is at 1.5x.
  9. If the base price is $ 5 and it comes out at $ 10, it indicates that the dynamic rate is 2x, Uber Eats updates the dynamic rate every 2 minutes, to see if there are updated changes you have to re-enter.

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