What is and How to Hide the Notch on the Screen of my Android Mobile?

The highest-end cell phones have a myriad of new options that make our lives much easier. Whether it is to take high-quality photos, to have all the latest applications or to simply entertain ourselves with the tools they offer, there is no doubt that newer cell phones they totally deserve our attention.

But since not everything can be perfect, these cell phones have a detail that not everyone likes. We are talking about the famous notch. If you are interested in knowing more about this striking and sometimes annoying part of the most recent cell phones, then you will be happy to know that we show you right here what is and how to hide the notch on the screen of your Android mobile easily and quickly.

What is the notch?

Although there is no doubt that the most recent models of cell phones improve the lives of many, there are certain details of these that can still be improved, and one of those details is the notch. This part of the cell phones is that little «black space» located at the top of the screen.

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This black part of our cell phone is responsible for including the front camera and its own sensors in the phone. This means that the new cell phones would not be at all as we know them without this important part.

Sure, although this is a tool fully functional of the newest cell phone screens, there are some people who prefer to remove the notch from their phone.

Hide the Notch on my mobile screen

If this is your case and you do not know how to hide the notch on the screen of your Android mobile, do not worry, because below we will give you some tips that can help you do it easily and quickly.

How to hide the notch of the screen of an Android mobile?

The IPS screens of the new cell phones are undoubtedly a lot better than old Amoled displays. That is why many want to make their cell phone screen even better by putting notes on the lock screen, or removing the notch. Of course, we must bear in mind that this is a vital part for the functioning of our cell phone, so it cannot be totally eliminated.

But one thing that can be done is, so to speak, «camouflage» or hide it on the screen of our cell phones. Although there are some cell phones that come with this option by default, there are applications that can help us achieve it without any problem.

One of the best apps to hide the notch on the screen of our Android is Nacho Notch. This application can be downloaded so totally free from Google Play Store, and allows to hide it easily by means of a bar or patch that makes us not notice it at all. All you have to do to make this app work is, once you have installed it, give it permission to appear in other mobile apps.

Nacho Notch has a button in the Android menu that allows access to its functions in a much more direct and versatile way. In addition, it has a modern and subtle design that makes it seem that this part has never been on the screen of our cell phone. It even works while you put a full screen app on your Android.

What other apps can hide the notch on the screen of an Android mobile?

Although Nacho Notch is an excellent option to hide it from the screen of our Android, there are also other applications that can help us to achieve it easily. Some of those wonderful apps they are Notch Design and Notch Remove.

Android mobile screen

These applications, although they are a little simpler than Nacho Notch, are practically as effective and allow us to have an excellent result. These apps can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, in addition to being totally free.

We encourage you to continue doing everything possible to improve your cell phone, and we hope that all these tips can help you to hide the notch on your Android mobile screen. Let nothing stop you from customizing your phone, even to the point of changing the lock screen background. You will make it look amazing!

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