What is and how to Open an ARW Format File on my Mac?

Although it may seem incredible to you, there are files of all types, with text extensions, with encryption and in short, with endings that confuse us a bit. There are also files that contain very particular formats and in this article we will talk about one of them. So get ready so that in the next few lines you meet What is and how to open an ARW file on my Mac?

open arw file

When we talk about how particular these files are, we mean that are created by Sony brand digital cameras, but from the Alpha series. All photos taken with the camera are saved raw in these types of files. They are stored raw and are mainly based on the formats known as TIFF.

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Something important about this type of files that as they are raw images that pass directly from the matrix of the camera. Graphic editors can be exported and used for editing. As time is very interesting to know about the format or extension of a file and for this we want to show you what a binary file is.

What is and how to open an ARW file on my Mac?

It is very important that you know that the files that contain the raw images may vary depending on the camera, but the ARW extension it will always be the same. Differences do occur and you know this if you are a professional photographer. Due to the use of the different matrices that cameras have for capturing images, in this case Sony.

It is also very important that you know that there are different programs, applications or software that work to open these files. This it will depend on the platform you are using, although they have the ability like other files to be present in various operating systems and be transferred to other devices, but not all have the ability to handle them.

Simple steps to open an ARW file on my Mac

This is a very common problem, when we want to open a file with ARW format on our Mac, since it most likely does not recognize it. And this is due to not having a program installed on your computer that allows you to handle these files. And in this case we are going to recommend that you use Adobe Photoshop, but Canvas, ACDSee, PaintShop Pro are also compatible.

Another possibility that you should always take into account in cases where an ARW file cannot be opened. If you have any of these applications on your computer, it is most likely that they are out of date. And it is necessary that update to the latest version, this will undoubtedly solve the problem you have to see the file.

Adobe Photoshop can open files of different formats including ARW, but if even after having carried out this update you cannot open the file. Then you should try the following, this program may not have been included as the default to open ARW files.

  arw format file

If you do not know how to proceed to do this, we will tell you below, go to the ARW file and click on it. A drop-down menu will be displayed and you must select the Information option and a window with different sections will be displayed and click on Open with. Now you must choose the program in this case Adobe Photoshop.

After having made the choice of the application that will open the program by default, you need to click on the Change all option.

Now the message will appear on your screen indicating that this change will be applied from now on to all files with the ARW extension and to finish you must click on Continue.

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