What is and How to Use Google Duplex? The Voice Assistant with Artificial Intelligence or AI

There are a large number of companies that offer services in terms of technology, but one of the most outstanding in these years has undoubtedly been the famous Google. We have all used their tools at some point, and for many they have become a vital part of life. If you want to learn about one of its newest tools, keep reading and discover what is and how to use Google Duplex, the voice assistant with artificial intelligence.

Having the highest quality technological tools is always a benefit for anyone, and with Google that is precisely what we can achieve. This company provides us with great quality tools and services, and one of the newest they have released is worth learning about. In this article we will delve into everything Google Duplex can do.

What is Google Duplex?

The technological tools that we have today have become a very important part of our lives. For example, speaking of artificial intelligence, in recent years it has advanced exponentially. Many companies know this, so they have started develop tools and services take advantage of this advancement in technology.

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And in the case of Google we can say that nothing has been left behind. Starting with being able to activate Google’s virtual assistant on any modern device, we note that artificial intelligence is something that the company handles very well. That is why, evolving in what it can offer us, have decided to launch the wonderful Google Duplex.

google chrome on smartphone

But what is Google Duplex? Well basically is a virtual assistant much more advanced than the one we already know. This assistant is capable of understanding complex phrases, sentences and words, as well as speaking with a much more natural human voice. It is fully automatic and can be made by its owner.

Thanks to this, it is used to make reservations and orders without having to speak directly. Knowing how the Google Assistant works is of great help, and we can see that Google Duplex also can be of great use in our daily life. But how does this wonderful virtual assistant work? Here we show it to you easily.

How does Google Duplex work?

The interaction that humans have with computers has increased dramatically in recent years, and it is understandable, since they make our lives much easier. If you’ve seen everything it can achieve, you might be wondering how it works.

Well, it’s actually very simple. What this does virtual assistant is analyzing the context out of the situation to keep the conversation flowing so that you can be prepared for unexpected situations while looking for a solution.

For example, when scheduling an appointment, Google Duplex must find the location of the place and other necessary details using Google Maps, Google search or the normal assistant. We can say that Google Duplex and the other tools have a little «conversation», so that all the details are well planned for the appointment.

photography tools and google maps

Once all the details are clear, an online reservation is made or a call is made, which is made with Duplex technology.

Can I use Google Duplex?

This handy Google tool was released relatively recently compared to others, so its availability is somewhat limited. First, it was available in New York City, Atlanta, Phoenix, and San Francisco, where it would only be used at the most select sites.

But now, thanks to a lot of effort, it has been launched in the 48 states of the United States; so if you are in this country, you can use Google Duplex without problem. Nowadays it is also available in New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada, so you can also enjoy said Google tool it is those countries.

When using Google Duplex we recommend that you activate all the Google tools that you have on your smartphone, since this technology needs these to work fully. We hope you enjoy to the fullest Google Duplex, and get the most out of it.

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