What is and what is a Backup / Backup and Types of Information Backups for?

What is a Backup / backup? What is a backup for? What are the types of backups? Let’s start by defining backup in a simple way. It is a backup or a backup that you make to your files, some decide to make backup copies of their WhatsApp chats, photos, videos, documents.

What is a backup for

Sure, like many other people, you have important information stored on your PC that you can lose due to an electrical failure and the information was not recorded, or that the disk where it is stored is damaged, or a virus or hacker attacks your data, you can lose it definitely .

You can perform the backup or backup on an external hard drive. These discs are currently storing information with an impressive capacity. That is why they are an option to have the data always at hand quickly and easily; However, it could happen that a fall occurs, and the information is lost because the damage is irreparable.

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Or they can be done in backups automated, for this, there are many software that you can program so that from time to time, it automatically stores a certain amount of information for you. We already know why backing up data is so important and you can do a programless backup or backup to prevent the loss of valuable personal information.

There are many types of information backups, and they can be full or complete, differential, mirror, here we will explain the first 5, but there are also full synthetic, inverse incremental, continuous data protection or CDP backups, among others.

person with computers save information

Full or full backup

As some experts in the field call it, and literally they copy all the files you have, doing this may take up a lot of time or take up a lot of resources on the network, or on the computer; because we are moving large amounts of data, so it is not good to do it so often.

Differentials, backup the files you use the most

To illustrate, imagine that you have 100 files and you want to do an incremental backup for the first time; So, once you make the complete backup, only the files that you made modifications will be chosen, let’s say you only did it with 50, then it will take only those, you can download a program from backup to choose the modified files.

Mirror backup what is it for

It is an exact copy of what is being backing upwhether there are modifications or not, or a file has been deleted or not. As we spoke at the beginning, these data backups can be made on hard or rigid drives, to have them locally.

But when a lot of information is already handled, the backup is maintained externally, this is done with the purpose of safeguard the data from fire, theft, some natural disaster or external situations that cannot be handled.

Currently, the information support that is most popular is the Backups Online, this storage medium is always connected to the internet, it is a storage service in the cloud for backup, where they use a server to protect important documents.

different servers receiving information
We have seen what it means backup and that there are many ways to do it. And in many cases more than one option can be combined to have the best result. Some people find it appropriate to do a daily backup, and then a weekly differential, combined with a full one.

Keep in mind that the space you have is a factor that influences when making the decision of which method you will use to carry out your backup. If you only use your computer for personal things, no problem, you can save your photos or videos on social networks without publishing them, have them as a private backup.

Now you just have to evaluate your options because you already know what a Backup is and what it is for, or how we learned one backup, plus all the types of data backups that are available for your convenience.

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