What is and what is Flash Animation for and what types are there?

Without a doubt, flash animations came to give us a better experience when browsing the web. This wonderful invention facilitates the presentation to web pages, which without it, would be similar to reading a book.

In this way, its developers focused on bringing the websites to life, since flash animations allow different details that make more engaging web browsing. An example of this are sounds and images, among other types of animations.

This is how today, we can enjoy and create dynamic pages, with which its users feel comfortable, and fun. But this is not all, since this type of technology has advantages that make it one of the best inventions.

What is Flash animation and what is it for?

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Due to the importance that this animation represents today, it is important that you know what it is exactly or what it is used for. Since it can be very useful, especially if you are thinking about design and create your own website or simply if you like to explore the world of web surfing.

Based on the above, it should be noted that flash animations are nothing more and nothing less than a technology with which it can be performed vector graphic animations on a website. That is to say, that through it we can give a more dynamic touch to any website, and that it even allows us to make flash animation using movie clips.

On the other hand, this technology has a great advantage, because it requires little bandwidth and the best thing is that it works the same with any browser. Therefore, it does not matter which browser you use because the animations will look exactly the same in anyone.

Typically, flash animations are perfect for users looking for vector graphics that do not lose image quality when modified. Similarly, it should be noted that takes up few bytes of storage and is not heavy, which represents a great benefit when executing it.

What allows us to create Flash animation?

Flash animation is like a surprise box, because it allows us play with our imagination. That is to say that with it we can create both multimedia and interactive content, being a mix between programming and graphic components.

Now, with this useful tool we can innovate and go much further than usual. Through it it is possible to develop short films, games, videos, advertising or advertisements and even films.

Evolution of Flash animation

Flash animation had its beginnings in 1996, being known under the name of FutureSplash. From the moment of its appearance it caused a stir, due to the advantages and innovations it offered. However, it started out as a small program, offering a diversity of tools, with which it was possible to create systems with high graphic capacity.

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Today this tool has become one of the best known and most important for developers and graphic designers. Those who often use it in order to give websites an impressive animation.

Types of Flash animations

As we can see, flash animations came to give a different direction to web browsing. For this reason, below we will indicate the types that exist; but you must also bear in mind that they are applied depending on the type of animation you want to do.

  • Frame by frame: With it, each of the animation frames must be drawn, following the style of cartoon movies. Although it is the simplest, it is also the one that involves the most work.

krosty clown balls gray background

  • Interpolation of movement: This type of animation is more practical to create, since it consists of making two different objects. You only have to design the beginning and end of the object and the program is in charge of drawing the existing steps between them.
  • Shape interpolation: It is similar to the one previously explained, since it uses two frames, but its difference is that the shape interpolation moves an object from one place to another.

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