What is and what is the Android Accessibility Suite Application and how to download it?

In a world that is constantly advancing in technology, mobile phones play a fundamental role in the daily life of each user who owns a mobile phone.

In this sense, Android Accessibily suite is an app created for the population sector that for some reason has visual difficulties that prevents you from manipulating your mobile in a traditional way.

This function helps the user to interact with the Smartphone, without any difficulty. Are you interested in knowing more about this sensitive and humanitarian application? Then continue to inform yourself here.

What is the Accessibily suite App?

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The Android OS was created to integrate functions that are aimed especially at users with special conditions.

A phone with the Android Accessibily Suite app provides the user with a function called «TalkBack», which by means of audios tells the user everything that happens on the phone screen. It is noteworthy that Accessibily prepares the mobile to work with special keys. This allows user-phone interaction to take place efficiently.

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Using the Android Accessibily suite App

The Android Accessibily suite app contains a series of functions that allow you to serves the user to interact with their Smartphone Without having to use your vision, just by swiping your finger across the screen, this app will indicate in which social network you are, whether or not you want to listen to the messages or if you want to respond via audio.

As simple as that, it literally narrates each use of the phone’s functions so that you can choose via audio the function that you want to execute at that moment, at the same time that you can move around the phone with keys previously configured for this purpose.

What you should know about the Android Accessibily suite App

To enable this Android service, it is necessary to verify if the phone model you enjoy has the app. If you don’t have it, go to the PlayStore and make sure you download it. It took into account the following:

  • Download the app completely and install it on your phone Smartphone, this must be activated and configured by the user.
  • In case the app does not have direct input on the mobile screen, then you just have to choose the icon to open the tool.
  • The icon that represents this application is an image of a human figure with open arms enclosed within a blue pentagon.
  • Android Accessibily Suite may not have direct input on the phone screen. If this is the case, then proceed as follows:
  • Enter the module «set up» press the icon that is represented by a wheel or sprocket nut.
  • Then open the menu where you choose within the list that appears the alternative of the apart that says «Accessibility». Click on it and you will see a submenu where the Android Accessibily Suite app appears.

How to download the Android Accessibily Suite App?

Before downloading the Android Accessibily Suite App, it is important to know that, on new generation phones, the application Android Accessibily Suite It comes pre-installed and only needs to be activated to run, following the steps already described above.

In older Smartphone models it is not integrated into the Android operating system, so it is necessary for the user to download it from the Google PlayStore. In case you need to download this application, the procedure is extremely simple. Here we inform you what to do in quick steps:

  1. Enter the PlayStore and type in the search engine «Accessibily suite» then the button is pressed «to download».
  2. Verify that the application file has been completely downloaded. This will show the app icon on the main screen of the phone.
  3. The file opens Android Accessibily Suite and follow the steps shown by the system to finish configuring the application. Ready, easy, simple and very useful to get this app.

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When you activate the tools of this app, the phone begins to execute functions that are specially designed for the visually impaired people. Incredible application, if it is useful to you, what are you waiting for, download it and take advantage of all its benefits. If you activate this tool by mistake, you can deactivate talkback

In addition to the Accessibility Suite app, there are other assistants such as Bixby from Samsung which will help you perform various activities such as scheduling activities and also activate the Google Assistant.

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