What is and what is the Importance of the Quality of good Customer Service? Types and Examples

Much has been said about the importance and benefits of morals and ethics in business, something that is directly related to offering good service. For this reason today we will talk about what is and what is the importance of the quality of good customer service, types and examples.

What defines good customer service?

There are many aspects that define a adequate customer service. Even so, we can establish certain criteria on which to base in order to offer the best possible service.


Courtesy is essential to create a friendly relationship with the customer. In fact, many times customers leave a place when they feel that the employees or managers are rude. For these reasons, it is essential to encourage cordial treatment among your employees, as this usually helps to maintain a loyal clientele.


Credibility is related to security that we transmit to our clients. Courtesy is certainly essential, but at the same time a lot of security must be shown. Also keep in mind that the quality of the product or service offered will directly help credibility. For this reason, it is very important to know the functions and responsibilities of the quality control manager of a company.

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Being empathetic involves knowing the client’s needs, in order to solve their problems. Certainly, there are some limits to be managed, but clients usually value empathy. Therefore, do not be afraid to give in from time to time, this is also a principle of good customer service.


Professionalism is part of good service, customers expect to meet an expert in the service or products on offer. That is why it is important to choose the appropriate and professional staff, for this it can help to make a correct question and answer form for a job interview, with the purpose of choosing level workers.

Suitable environment

Regardless of the type of business you have, maintaining a decent and pleasant space is a must. So focus on offering friendly and suitable environments, where the client feels comfortable.

What is the importance of the quality of good customer service?

The importance of vision and mission in organizational strategic planning is undeniable, but offering quality service to clients is not far behind. In fact, to understand the importance of this, let’s just look at some of the positive aspects that brings you to offer good customer service.

Good service creates customers

Offering a good service is extremely important for the growth of our clients. In fact, it is one of the direct paths to business success, since a customer who receives good service is a customer who will possibly return.

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Therefore, always focus on offering the best possible service, because regardless of the area in which you operate, the important thing is to create loyalty, with the purpose that your clients constantly come to your services.

It will create a reputation

Offering a quality service will help you create an adequate reputation, on the contrary, if your service is deficient, you will almost certainly lose customers. Good customer service is very relevant in reputation issues.

Reputation is everything for a business, in the long run only those reputed companies or brands are the ones that end up prospering and reaping success.

Word will get out

Related to the aspect of reputation, offering good service will get people talking about your company. As you can imagine, the positive comments that go by word of mouth will help create new customers who will come to your company based on recommendations from their friends or acquaintances.

It is directly involved in earnings

All the previous aspects related to good service have as conclusion increased earnings. Indeed, it has been proven that offering a quality service is one of the principles for a company to be successful and generate significant profits.

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