What is Apple Pay Express Mode and How Does This Payment Method Work? (Example)

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Something that always comes to our mind when we are making a purchase, is if we can pay quickly and effectively. Whether in cash or digitally, having an efficient payment method is vital today. And an excellent payment method is Apple Pay, especially with its new Express Mode.

That is why today we will give you a complete guide of what the Apple Pay Express Mode and how this payment method works. So, do not hesitate to use it one day.

What is Apple Pay Express Mode?

To know this application, we must first know Apple Pay and how it works, as well as its popular payment methods today. In addition, because it is so well known, it is not surprising that the famous company continues to make more and more improvements to it.

What Apple Pay Express Mode does is make the payment process much faster. It allows that, without the need to use facial or fingerprint recognition, the user make a payment effectively.

This extension of Apple Pay, undoubtedly improves and speeds up the payment process. In addition, it reduces the risk of problems when carrying out the transaction and having to restart it.

How does it work?

This useful Apple Pay enhancement is really easy to use. In fact, it allows the payment process to be carried out without the need for your authorization. You also won’t have the worry of changing your default Apple Pay payment card every so often.

All the user has to do is choose in advance the bank account with which they want to make the payment. Then you just have to bring your iPhone or Apple watch to the device that the store or seller uses to pay.

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Once all this is done, the payment will be ready. And, like the Apple Pay application, it is completely wireless, so your mobile will not have to touch anything you do not want.

Unfortunately, this option is only available in the City of London. It can be used to pay the public transport in the same city, from the device that is inside the turnstile at the entrance of the buses.

Although for now it is only found in London and recently in Madrid, it is expected that this payment method will spread to other cities around the world.

We can also be sure that this will soon be a viable option for everyone. But while this fabulous option is within our reach, you can continue to use your Apple Card and clean it to keep it protected, so that it does not deteriorate or scratch.

What must be taken into account before using it?

If you are in a city where Apple Pay Express Mode can be used, then there are certain factors that you must take into account in order to use it correctly.

First, you must remember to have a updated Apple device. In order to use Apple Pay Express Mode, you must have an iPhone SE, 6s, 6s Plus or a higher model. Likewise, if you are going to use an Apple Watch to make payments, you must make sure that it is an Apple Watch Series 1 or 2, or some model later than these.

You must also have an Apple ID connected to iCloud to use this new payment method. In addition, you must have a public transport card that accepts this payment platform, or configure your debit, credit or prepaid card as a form of payment.

And something that can undoubtedly interest you when paying with Apple Pay Express Mode, is knowing that it is not even necessary to turn on the Apple device to use it. In fact, you can continue to pay even if your iPhone or Apple Watch does not have a charge.

You should also remember that if your device is lost or stolen, you can suspend the Apple Pay Express Mode service. You can achieve it by entering iCloud with your Apple ID and changing it to Lost mode. You can then create an Apple account with a new ID so that no one can make payments on your behalf.

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We also encourage you, if you have any questions or problems when using Apple Pay Express Mode, visit the official page of Apple Support. There you will find the help you need to correctly use this payment method.

We hope that this information can be useful to you and that you can make your day to day much easier with the help of Apple Pay Express Mode.

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