What is Aquatic Affinity for in Minecraft? Step by step explanation

Aquatic affinity In Minecraft it is another enchantment that you will surely hear if you have started exploring this well-known Sandbox-type game, and although you can imagine what it is about, it is best that you know it for sure.

Minecraft has many enchantments that will make your experience in the game more fun, some of the best known enchantments are the sweeping edge that you can apply to your sword, the attraction for your ca; to fish and the efficiency one .

What is aquatic affinity in Minecraft?

As you have already read, this is one of the enchantments available in the game, with which you can greatly improve your experience within it. It can be considered as one of the positive and quite useful spells.

In this sense, you can also find it with the English name of “Aqua Affinity”, and has the particularity of only being able to be applied to a single and specific object, being incompatible with other tools or accessories.

This element is the helmet and, in fact, it is also a spell that has a single level of power, that is, its effect does not vary according to the experience points used for its elaboration, but is always standard.

What is aquatic affinity for?

Aquatic affinity in Minecraft is considered to add improvements in the waterThis means that its power or action can only be appreciated when you are in the water, and not in terrestrial environments.

More specifically, what this enchantment does is optimize the time it takes to bite when you are under the aforementioned liquid body, reducing it considerably and facilitating this task.


Now, as for the object that can be the bearer of this spell, it is nothing less than the “Helmet“Or”Helmet”. If you enchant this part of your armor and wear it, you will be able to enjoy this optimized mining condition.

In fact, the great utility of aquatic affinity in Minecraft is that, when you are going to mine underwater without it, the time it takes to mince each block is delayed 5 times more than when you do it on the surface.

Also, when you find yourself floating in the water, and you don’t wear this charming accessory either. The slowdown you experience is much greater, reaching a difference of 25 times more.

Related to the aquatic affinity enchantment, you can find the conductivity enchantment.

How is the affinity enchantment performed?

Aquatic Affinity in Minecraft can be performed just like most other enchantments in the game. In other words, there are several ways to achieve it, with the particularity that almost all of them require an experience cost or “XP” to work.

What you should keep in mind is that it is always better to apply this kind of spell on helmets that have been made with resistant materials and durable, to avoid losing them constantly.

Spell table

You can do this spell through the use of a “Spell table”. You will also have to have enough libraries and the recipe, code or specific characters for it. If you don’t have an enchantment table, don’t worry, you can do it.

If you decide to use this first procedure, you will have to have the aforementioned elements. Proceed to open the “Spell table” to be able to place your “helmetThere and follow the steps.


Remember that you can have a preview of the result on the right side of the table. So it is always advisable that you hover your cursor over this and check that you have applied the correct enchantment.

The anvil

There are two ways to cast spells with the “Anvil”, The first requires this item and an enchanted book. While, the second, uses this instrument and two objects that are enchanted.

Is it possible to get an enchanting helmet with aquatic affinity?

There is some chance that you can find a helmet who already has this enchantment. Well, this is another means by which it is possible to access these types of instruments without having to enchant them yourself.

There are actually many ways to find previously enchanted items. These are by beating looters, fishing, by means of a villager, and even in buildings or varied places, such as dungeons, final cities and ocean ruins.

Enchantments you entrust to your tools or items can also be undone and removed.

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