What is Clash Royale and how to Play it on your Android Mobile?

What is Clash Royale and how to Play it on

Many people have always had a bad expectation about video games, and they always ignore them saying that they are not worth it and that they are a waste of time. However, since the arrival of the pandemic, many people have swallowed their words and have taken any device or downloaded any App that allows them to play either from a console or from their own phones.

A very good experience that first-time people have had with video games is that offered by Clash Royale. You can start this experience by creating a free Clash Royale account, as This is very easy and you need it to be able to play the game. If you want to have more information on how to obtain it and how to play it, we have your answer clear and concise.

What is Clash Royale? What is it about?

Since applications began to be released, people began to meet in companies that developed these same. In the case of Clash Royale, its developer is called Supercell. This is a company of Finnish origin, so its headquarters is in Helsinki. This company was founded in 2010 and is known for its most famous game, which is Clash of Clans, which is located in the same creative universe as Clash Royale.

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Clash of Clans is a strategy and construction game, in which you can create your own medieval village. It is important that you know that your village is prone to enemy attacks, so you must have defenses and build your village in such a way that they cannot violate it. This is because the main way of obtaining resources is through the looting of enemy villages.

These attacks are carried out through a series of colorful characters called Troops. The troops are the most recognizable aspect of the franchise, and we recognize them today for their custom outfits. Today, you can get yourself with archers, barbarians, pig riders, giants and even dragons.]

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How do you play Clash Royale?

Clash Royale takes all the intellectual aspects, because the characters are the same. However, instead of having a village to defend, you have 3 towers to defend. For the defense of this you have a series of letters that can summon a character within your territory in the departure. The faster you are able to destroy your enemy’s tower, the faster you will win.

It is important that you know that this game can be downloaded on PC and iPhone. Even so, if you plan to download it, it is important that you take into account the minimum requirements of Clash Royale.

As said previously, the user will have a series of cards with which they will defend their territory. However, to regulate the use of these, each one has an amount of energy that you have to put in to use. If you don’t have enough energy to summon the card, you won’t be able to locate it on your map. This energy is measured through an Elixir counter. The higher the cost of the elixir of the letter, the greater its effectiveness.

When the game is over, you can either lose or win. If you win, you will see that you will have destroyed at least one more tower than your enemy and that you will have a gain in «Trophies», which is the ranking system that the game has. Destroying the 3 towers of your enemy gives you a bonus on trophies.

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Where can I download Clash Royale?

One of the most important parts of the mobile gaming world is availability. The more platforms there are for you to publish your game, the more traction it will have and therefore, the bigger profit you are going to have. That is why you can safely download Clash Royale from all verified points.

One of these is the Google Playstore. Clash Royale has a free download if you access your file in the Google Playstore. In case you have an iPhone you should not worry, as this game is also available for iOS devices.

It is important that you have a new and updated device in order to improve your experience. Besides this, all online games are always going to be more fun with friends. That is why we tell you that in Clash Royale there are clan systems, in which you can share directly with your friends.

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