What is Data Roaming on my Cellphone and what is it for?

Maybe when you go to another place, outside your home or the central area of ​​your city, be it a country or a province, you stay in solitary confinement due to lack of data signal or to make a call; But, did you know that there is a way to stay connected despite not having coverage? Yes, it really is very easy, do not get unstuck and keep reading this post to learn more about data roaming.

What is data roaming and what is it for?

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The roaming Data is a little known but much needed application. But what is it? It is simply the ability of a device to make and receive calls or other telephony services in another country or state.

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By activating it, you will be able to access all multimedia applications such as: emails, whatsapp, internet connection, etc. No matter where you are, since roaming will take the signal from the phone company or the internet that has more coverage at that time.

However, something you should take into account is that when using roaming an extra cost will be generated to your telephone income, since it can only be used from another country, but it will prevent you from being left without communicating with your loved ones, co-workers or anything you need.

How can I activate data roaming?

It is very easy to start using the data roaming, that’s why today we will help you learn to do it in a simple way.

  1. You must first access your mobile device, then enter the «settings» section when entering there look for the option «mobile networks»
  2. Once there you will find the tab «data roaming» if it is not activated you must activate it next, it will ask you for a confirmation.
  3. When making the confirmation you will have to restart your phone to enjoy data roaming.

Why disable it?

When traveling and activating your roaming data, you may realize that the amount charged for your telephony is very high and you want to deactivate your data roaming service. To exercise this action you must do the same as when activating it, only you will have to enter and disable such data.

If you simply do not want to receive roaming calls, you must activate the offline option. How? Well, you must enter «settings» again then «mobile networks» once there you will find that option «offline» activate it and in this way you will not receive International calls causing a greater expense to your telephony.

Our recommendation is that you use Wi-Fi networks when going to another country, since doing so will reduce expenses. Since the data roaming service can cause you a much higher extra cost, when using Wi-Fi you will have networks completely free and they generate less data consumption.

What is domestic roaming?

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National roaming works in conjunction with 3 telephones, Tigo, Movistar and of course. If you have these 3 telephones in your country, you can be sure that by activating roaming in an area without coverage of your line, and if any of the other two are available, you will be able to count on all the pertinent services; internet, email; and even make video calls with different apps. For this you must have the trio chip of the tigo telephony and thus be able to fully enjoy the service.

As you can see, the use of roaming data has multiple advantages and others not so much, however, it will be up to each person whether or not to use said data. We hope that this information is very practical and helps you to make the best decision in case of traveling either outside or within your country. Leave us your opinion about it in the comments and share the information.

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