What is Facebook Couples? The New Facebook Tinder – Facebook Dating

Facebook Dating or in Spanish Facebook couples is an alternative created by Facebook for those users interested in meeting people with the same tastes and interests. And at the same time that they seek to establish themselves in a relationship. This service has some improvements in the traditional App, among them the absence of ads that can be annoying for some.

The project was presented at the end of November 2018, it is where it was announced that tests would be developed to evaluate its operation and by May 2019 it was available in some Latin American countries.

According to studies carried out in the first quarter of 2020, the application has more than 4,000 active users on the service. Which reflects the receptivity that the platform has had in most of the virtual communities From Facebook. It is estimated that at least a third of the world’s population uses similar services to find a partner.

What is Facebook Couples? The new Facebook Tinder – Facebook Dating

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Couples Facebook screen.

To have access to Facebook Dating the user must log into his Facebook account as he does in the usual way. Then you must click on the options menu provided in your profile and click on an option called «couples» which is marked with the figure of a heart.

Initially you must create an independent profile to the one you already have on traditional Facebook, it is important to mention that the user must be of legal age to use the service. In this new profile You can include information about your favorite hobbies, personal tastes and interests, and you can also include a catalog of photos.

The new update of Facebook Dating also offers the possibility to connect your profile with the Instagram account and also add frequent stories. You can also unlink it if you want.

Does Facebook Dating have a connection with your traditional Facebook friends?

Another positive aspect of the service is that the profile will be completely independent from your Facebook account so will have no connection with traditional Facebook friends and you can also implement some privacy settings to make your account much more secure. Although the App automatically removes those users that you have blocked on Facebook. You can delete your account at any time.

Facebook Dating allows users to establish a conversation via text messaging on the web, without the possibility of including images or videos. This to ensure the integrity of the service members. The same users will be responsible for sharing personal information such as their mobile phone number, address, among other data and this can be done once there is a much more personal link.

There is also the option of adding profiles to a section called «secret crush» in which the user can see first-hand the content that their crush shares. All this privately. Of course, the App will notify your crush that it has been added. Without providing further details.

You could say then that Facebook Dating is a new version of Facebook in which people can have access to a dating service. «online dating» safe. Sharing personal tastes and enhancing a future relationship has never been easier.

Why is Facebook Dating said to be the new Facebook Tinder?

Facebook Dating Owner

They claim that Facebook’s new online dating service could become a version of Tinder on Facebook. However, this is more than a compliment to Facebook, as Tinder has been very successful in the virtual community.

Facebook seeks to gain popularity to empower its service to a new minority. Of course, Facebook has some advantages, such as its wide popularity in the virtual world and its totally free messaging service.

Based on this, it is important to mention that both applications have advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, Facebook Dating is getting popular and becoming one of the best ideal platforms to find a partner.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we’d love to hear from you. Do you think Facebook Dating is better than Tinder? What other platforms do you know to find a partner? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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